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International Environmental 'Omics Synthesis Conference

Registration is now open for the first annual International Environmental 'Omics Synthesis Conference, Cardiff, September 9-11th, 2013.

The conference will bring together researches in environmental sciences and researchers in 'omics (e.g. genomics, proteomics, metabolomics), and will help establish a wider integrated 'omics community.

This conference is supported by NERC Mathematics and informatics for Environmental 'Omics data Synthesis program and the STFC Futures Programme, under the coordination of the recently established Environmental 'Omic Synthesis Centre chaired by Professor Thomas Meagher.

School of Biology lecturer Dr Daniel Barker, a member of the conference organising committee, said: "This is a unique conference, aimed simultaneously at environmental researchers and 'omics technologists. This will be a perfect chance for these groups to meet, share ideas and learn from each other. I wish to draw the conference to the attention of researchers in environmental biology, and researchers and users of bioinformatics and 'omics methods."

see here for further details
contact: Dr Daniel Barker

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