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£500k NERC Grant

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Dr Keith Nicholls (British Antarctic Survey ) and Professor Mike Fedak and Dr Lars Boehme (SMRU, St Andrews) have received £500K from NERC for a project titled: Ocean processes over the southern Weddell Sea shelf using seal tags. The grant was awarded by NERC under its Antarctic Funding Initiative.

The project will undertake the first comprehensive conductivity-temperature-depth (CTD) survey of the shelf break and upper slope of the western and south western Weddell Sea. The study will set the foundations for understanding the shelfbreak processes in the Weddell Sea thought to be instrumental in controlling the flushing of the continental shelf, and the export of dense shelf waters that contribute to the production of Antarctic Bottom Water (AABW), which thought to be an important driver behind global ocean circulation.

The research uses CTD-SRDLs designed and built by the Instrumentation Group at SMRU. These will be attached to Weddell seals to provide water column structure in the area during the winter when it is difficult or impossible to gather data by other means.

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