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New MRes in Marine Systems Science

Two internationally renowned organisations, the Scottish Oceans Institute (SOI) at the University of St Andrews and the Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS) on the Scottish west coast, are collaborating to deliver an exciting new MRes in Marine System Science. This wide-ranging multidisciplinary course will provide students with an integrated view of marine systems. Interconnections between the physical marine environment, biodiversity and the impact of human activity and resource use mean that a holistic approach is increasingly being advocated to understand the provision of ecosystem goods and services, and to protect and manage marine systems.

Students will acquire the knowledge and skills to measure and interpret multidisciplinary system data, working towards a whole ecosystem approach to conservation, management and the sustainable use of marine resources. The course will enhance the skills of graduates and professionals already working in government agencies or the commercial marine sector, providing a unique foundation to further such careers and develop postgraduate research. This degree addresses a growing requirement for people with expertise in the ecological and physical sciences and essential quantitative skills in marine systems analysis and management. The course fulfils an international need for people trained to deliver integrated coastal zone management who will be the next generation of marine scientists and managers.

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contact: Prof Andrew Brierley

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