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St Andrews Exhibit Selected for BBSRC Exhibition

An Exhibit from the University of St Andrews is one of 17 selected to represent UK Life Sciences in a prestigious Biotechnology and Biological Science Research Council (BBSRC) exhibition. The BBSRC, the UK’s funding body for Biology, is marking 20 years of pioneering Biology by staging an event to “highlight world-leading bioscience at its best”: the Great British Bioscience Festival. This is part of a wider year-long programme of anniversary activities. The Festival is intended to provide exciting, engaging displays and activities to showcase BBSRC-funded science to a broad public audience across the UK.

The St Andrews exhibit, “Animal Cultures: Nature’s Second Inheritance System” will be led by Professors Andy Whiten and Kevin Laland of the Schools of Psychology & Neuroscience and Biology, together with other St Andrews colleagues and senior staff of the Education Department of the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, who own Edinburgh Zoo. The Exhibit will first be shown in Edinburgh Zoo in early August, with the main event following in London in November, beginning with a VIP reception for top stakeholders from government, academia, industry and the third sector. The BBSRC has awarded a grant of £9,100 to support the St Andrews project, one of three exhibits that will represent Scotland. Dates and further details will be announced in the coming months.

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