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Great British Bioscience pulls in the crowds!




Scientists from the University of St Andrews presented one of the selected exhibit displays in the Great British Bioscience Festival in London, the culmination of this year’s celebrations by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) of its 20th Anniversary.

Over three days, Festival visitor numbers exceeded all expectations to reach over 6,500 visits, including school students, families and other members of the public eager to explore hands-on exhibits about the life sciences, and discuss the displays with scores of active research scientists.

St Andrews’ “Animal Cultures” exhibit was presented by a collaborative team spanning the Schools of Biology and of Psychology & Neuroscience, led by Professor Andy Whiten. Participants included Dr Christian Rutz, Dr Luke Rendell, Dr Erica van de Waal and Dr Lewis Dean, as well as postgraduates Rachel Harrison, Lotty Brand, Elena Miu, Kaitlin Murray and Camille Troisi. Animal Cultures design and photography was by Steve Smart, physical interactives were made by Keith Haynes and workshop staff.

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