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RSE International Exchange Programme

Exchange Programme grants are for short-term visits of one to four weeks duration, the key objectives being to enhance the research capabilities of individual researchers, develop international collaborative links, and enable participation in international research programmes. The next closing date is 30 November 2015 for visits at least 3 months later.

Dr Rona Ramsay, School of Biology, has just returned from a month-long research visit to the National Institute of Chemistry in Slovenia. She collaborated with Professor Janez Mavri who spent his Fulbright fellowship working with Nobel Prize winner, Arieh Warshel, to define the chemical mechanism of monoamine oxidase, a key drug target for treatment of neuropathology, and to explain its very efficient inactivation by current drugs. She also tapped into Dr Irena Vovk’s expertise in analytical chemistry to isolate the enzyme drug adducts, work which will be continued by a post-doc who will visit St Andrews.

The RSE welcomes applications from researchers with a PhD, both fellows and non-fellows. Applications for visits from Scotland should be submitted to the RSE, but applications for visits from one of our partner countries to Scotland should be submitted to the relevant overseas Academy.

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