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St Andrews science singled out

Research at the University of St Andrews has been singled out amongst the most likely to shape science in the 21st century.

St Andrews has been named among the best in the UK by leading scientific body the Royal Society as part of its 350th anniversary.

The publication set out to demonstrate how science will answer some of the world's biggest questions, such as 'are we alone in the universe?' and 'how could new vaccines save the lives of millions?'

St Andrews figures no less than three times out of twelve profiles in the organisation's 'Science Sees Further' publication, equalling Oxford University's tally.

The document focuses on twelve key areas of scientific endeavour, covering subjects such as health, the environment, technology and the universe. The areas of research highlighted from St Andrews are extra-terrestrial life, biological diversity and cultural evolution.

Professor Neville Richardson welcomed the news, commenting, "'Science sees further' is a series of articles on some of the most exciting areas of science today. The selection of three articles, authored by eminent researchers at the University of St Andrews, from a total of twelve, is a clear recognition of the quality and diversity of research at the University of St Andrews and underlines our status as one of the UK's leading research intensive universities."

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