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Student Antarctic Expedition Blog

Follow six Masters and three senior honours students from the School of Biology at the University of St Andrews as they embark on an educational experience of a very different and unique kind – Exploring Antarctica! 

The expedition to Antarctica begins with a trip to “World’s End” – as the southern-most city of the world, Ushuaia, likes to call itself. Ushuaia is situated picturesquely at the shores of the Beagle Channel in southern Argentina, and is the key gateway to Antarctica. There, St Andrews students and staff join an international and interdisciplinary group of fellow students, academics and explorers aboard the expedition vessel MV Ushuaia which will serve as floating home and classroom during the expedition. They will cross the infamous Drake Passage with the aim to explore the frozen coasts of the Antarctic Peninsula and the South Shetland Islands.  

St Andrews students are enrolled in polar ecology modules offered by the School of Biology with teaching staff from the Sea Mammal Research Unit. During the expedition students will conduct surveys for marine mammals and sea birds while in transit, count penguins ashore, observe the behaviour of polar predators, and explore the effects of climate change and human activities on the Antarctic ecosystem.

They will try and sent regular dispatches of their adventures and scientific activities. Join them as they explore the frozen South!

This blog is written by St Andrews students. For more information, photos and videos of the expedition check out the Students on Ice website and the University Students on Ice general expedition blog

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