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School visit: Seaside Science

The P4/5 class from Coaltown of Balgonie primary school came to explore the wildlife of the East Sands rock pools with Dr David Ferrier. 

Buckets were rapidly filled with whelks, winkles, hermit and shore crabs, along with several bright red sea anemones. Other finds included keelworms, scale worms, a blue-rayed limpet and several fish, including a butterfish, several shannies and some young pollock. 

Back in the lab of the Gatty Marine Laboratory everyone got a chance to hold starfish, poke sea anemones and get a closer look at mussels and barnacles, as well as testing the strength of empty limpet shells… they needed to be jumped on before they broke!

There are many more pictures on the School of Biology Facebook page.

Any school groups wishing to arrange a similar activity can contact Dr David Ferrier at

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