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Queen's Anniversary Prize for SMRU

SMRU was named among the winners in the Diamond Jubilee Round of the prizes for higher and further education, in recognition of its active role in the promotion of best practice in the health and governance of the ocean environment and for its use of innovative monitoring techniques to track the effect that human exploitation of the oceans has upon marine mammals, and particularly upon seals, whales and dolphins.

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh presented the awards in Buckingham Palace to Prof Ian Boyd, St Andrew’s University principal Professor Louise Richardson and University chancellor Sir Menzies Campbell.

Also sharing in the award ceremony was senior research scientist Dr Ailsa Hall, and five invited students: Ms Theoni Photopoulou (Postgraduate Student: SMRU), Ms Nora Hanson (Postgraduate Student: SMRU), Ms Sophie Goggins (Undergraduate Student: Biology), Mr Maxwell Kaplan (Undergraduate Student: Biology) and Mr Rene Swift (Postgraduate Student: SMRU).

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