Mr Xinghu Qin

Postgraduate Student

room: E44  (Bute)
Bute Building
University of St Andrews
St Andrews
KY16 9TS



Recent Publications

Ma, J, Huang, X, Qin, X, Ding, Y, Hong, J, Du, G, Li, X, Gao, W, Zhang, Z, Wang, G, Wang, N & Zhang, Z 2017, 'Large manipulative experiments revealed variations of insect abundance and trophic levels in response to the cumulative effects of sheep grazing' Scientific Reports, vol 7, 11297. DOI: 10.1038/s41598-017-11891-w
Huang, X, Ma, J, Qin, X, Tu, X, Cao, G, Wang, G, Nong, X & Zhang, Z 2017, 'Biology, physiology and gene expression of grasshopper Oedaleus asiaticus exposed to diet stress from plant secondary compounds' Scientific Reports, vol 7, 8655. DOI: 10.1038/s41598-017-09277-z
Huang, X, McNeill, MR, Ma, J, Qin, X, Tu, X, Cao, G, Wang, G, Nong, X & Zhang, Z 2017, 'Gut transcriptome analysis shows different food utilization efficiency by the grasshopper Oedaleous asiaticus (Orthoptera: Acrididae)' Journal of Economic Entomology. DOI: 10.1093/jee/tox128
Huang, X, McNeill, M, Ma, J, Qin, X, Tu, X, Cao, G, Wang, G, Nong, X & Zhang, Z 2017, 'Biological and ecological evidences suggest Stipa krylovii (Pooideae), contributes to optimal growth performance and population distribution of the grasshopper Oedaleus asiaticus' Bulletin of Entomological Research, vol First View. DOI: 10.1017/S000748531600105X
Qin, X & Zhang, Z 2016, 'Combined control of Locusta migratoria manilensis by dissemination of Metarhizium anisopliae using Carabus smaragdinus as the vector' Biological and Integrated Control of Plant Pathogens, Berlin, Germany, 12/09/16 - 15/09/16, .
Huang, X, Wu, H, McNeill, MR, Qin, X, Ma, J, Tu, X, Cao, G, Wang, G, Nong, X & Zhang, Z 2016, 'Quantitative analysis of diet structure by real-time PCR, reveals different feeding patterns by two dominant grasshopper species' Scientific Reports, vol 6, 32166. DOI: 10.1038/srep32166
Qin, X, Hui-Hui, WU, Huang, X, Wang, GJ, Cao, GC, Nong, XQ & Zhang, Z 2015, 'Community structure and ecological niche of grasshopper in typical steppes in Inner Mongolia' Plant Protection, vol 41, pp. 17.
Huang, XB, Hui-Hui, WU, Qin, X, Cao, GC, Wang, GJ, Nong, XQ, Xiong-Bing, TU, [Unknown], G, Bing, HE & [Unknown], E 2015, 'Comprehensive evaluation and risk assessment of grasshoppers' habitat based on a projection pursuit model' Acta Prataculturae Sinica.
Zhao, FJ, Hui hui, WU, Liu, ZY, Qin, X, Wang, GJ & Zhang, ZH 2013, 'Application of Hyperspectral Remote Sensing in the Biomass Monitor of Two Grassland Types in Xilinhot' Acta Agrestia Sinica, vol 21, no. 6, pp. 1059-1064.

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