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My research interests have embraced a variety of marine ecological topics, ranging from the development and dynamics of hard substratum epifaunal ("fouling") communities, to responses of invertebrate larvae at metamorphosis and the population genetics of marine molluscs and crustaceans.  Latterly, my focus has been on wild salmon populations and their responses to environmental change.  A further long-standing interest has been the effects of ectoparasitic sea lice on wild salmonid popualtions.



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The familiar is exotic: II. Codium fragile ssp. tomentosoides on Scottish rocky intertidal shores CD Trowbridge, Christopher David Todd
Botanical Journal of Scotland 1999 vol. 51 pp. 161-179
Larval supply and recruitment of benthic invertebrates: do larvae disperse as far as we believe? Christopher David Todd, S Baden, L Pihl, R Rosenberg, J-O Stromberg, I Svane, P Tiselius
1998 pp. 1-21.

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