Mr Clint Blight

Mr Clint Blight
Scientific Software Engineer & Geoinformatician


My initial role within the Sea Mammal Research Unit was to develop a new version of the Unit's "MAMVIZ" software package. This new incarnation, "MamVisAD", is now used by researchers to help visualise telemetry data about animal movements and the oceanic environment in which they live.

MamVisAD Website

Since then other activities have included:

- teaching a short GIS coure on the Marine Mammal Science MSc

- general software, GIS and database work for a variety of SMRU projects/activities

- helping to support the open source passive accoustics software package PAMGUARD

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2 (of 2 published available) for cjb22. (source: University of St Andrews PURE)
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Intrinsic and extrinsic factors drive ontogeny of early-life at-sea behaviour in a marine top predator Matthew Ian Daniel Carter, Debbie JF Russell, Clinton John Blight, David Thompson, Philip J. Hosegood,
Scientific Reports vol.7
Fine-scale harbour seal at-sea usage around Orkney and the North coast of Scotland Esther Lane Jones, Sophie Caroline Smout, Clinton John Blight, Carol Elizabeth Sparling, Bernie J McConnell

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