Dr Catriona Harris

Dr Catriona Harris
Research Fellow


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Research Overview:

Research Interests

  • Impact of anthropogenic noise on marine mammals and the development of methods for modelling the distribution of marine mammals across space for risk mitigation purposes, for quantitatively assessing cumulative risk associated with noise exposure, and for analysing behavioural responses to sound.
  • Landscape, population and spatial ecology within the disciplines of marine mammal ecology, invasive species ecology and epidemiology.
  • Development of spatially-explicit models for the prediction of spread of invasive species and diseases.




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Assessing population-level effects of anthropogenic disturbance on a marine mammal population Rebecca A Dunlop, Janelle Braithwaite, Lars O Mortensen, Catriona M Harris
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A decision framework to identify populations that are most vulnerable to the population level effects of disturbance John Harwood, Ruth Joy, Catriona M Harris
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Ecological Modelling 2006 vol. 193 pp. 747-758
Defining biologically relevant management units for seal populations in the UK K Everard, John Harwood, Jason Matthiopoulos, Bernie J McConnell, R Sharples, Catriona M Harris, C Z Warnes

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