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Dr Richard Bates
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As an applied geoscientist I use high resolution geophysical methods to study a range of geoscientific areas in marine and terrestrial settings. Over the past 10 yrs a large part of my work has been applied to archaeology, in particular pre-history and the reconstruction of past environments and landscapes. However, following the old maxim that the present is the key to the past I also am extremely interested in using applied geophysical techniques to understanding modern environments that are rapidly changing. See the blog for more about my work.

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A massive, Late Neolithic pit structure associated with Durrington Walls Henge Vincent Gaffney, Eamonn Baldwin, Martin Bates, C. Richard Bates, Christopher Gaffney, Derek Hamilton, Timothy Charles Kinnaird, Wolfgang Neubauer, Ronald Yorston, Robin Allaby, Henry Chapman, Paul Garwood, Klaus Löcker, Alois Hinterleitner, Tom Sparrow, Immo Trinks, Mario Wallner, Matthew Leivers
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Clarion Bede Williams, C. Richard Bates, Emma Sophie Sutton
Multi-proxy characterisation of the Storegga Tsunami and its impact on the early Holocene landscapes of the southern North Sea Vincent Gaffney, Simon Fitch, Martin Bates, Roselyn L. Ware, Timothy Charles Kinnaird, Benjamin Gearey, Tom Hill, Richard Telford, Cathy Batt, Ben Stern, John Whittaker, Sarah Davies, Mohammed Ben Sharada, Rosie Everett, Rebecca Cribdon, Logan Kistler, Sam Harris, Kevin Kearney, James Walker, Merle Muru, Derek Hamilton, Matthew Law, Alex Finlay, C. Richard Bates, Robin G. Allaby
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Northern North Sea and Atlantic Northwest Approaches Sue Dawson, C. Richard Bates, Caroline Wickham Jones, Alastair Dawson
2017 pp. 187-210
The Changing Landscape of Prehistoric Orkney Caroline Wickham Jones, C. Richard Bates, Martin Bates, Sue Dawson
2017 vol. 1
The Quaternary evolution of the Lower Medway: new evidence from beneath the flood plain martin bates, C. Richard Bates, Rebecca Briant
2017 pp. 9-64
Geology and geochronology of the Tana Basin, Ethiopia Tony Prave, C. Richard Bates, Colin Henry Donaldson, H. Toland, D. J. Condon, D. Mark, Timothy David Raub
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 2016 vol. 443 pp. 1-8
Implications of 36Cl exposure ages from Skye, northwest Scotland for the timing of ice stream deglaciation and deglacial ice dynamics Vincent Rinterknecht, William Austin, C. Richard Bates, Doug I Benn, james scourse, Didier Bourles, Fiona Danielle Hibbert,
Quaternary Science Reviews 2016 vol. 150 pp. 130-145
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Rethinking human responses to sea-level rise chantal conneller, martin bates, C. Richard Bates, tim schadla-hall, edward blinkhorn, james cole, matt pope, beccy scott, andy shaw, david underhill
Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society 2016 vol. 82 pp. 27-71
Shipwreck evidence from Kilwa, Tanzania Edward Pollard, C. Richard Bates, Elgidius Ichumbaki, Caesar Bita
International Journal of Nautical Archaeology 2016 vol. 45 pp. 352-369
The environmental context of the Neolithic monuments on the Brodgar Isthmus, Mainland, Orkney C. Richard Bates, Martin Bates, Sue Dawson, Dei Huws, John Whittaker, caroline Wickham-Jones
Journal of Archaeological Science 2016 vol. 7 pp. 394-407
Climatic variability, plasticity, and dispersal Matt Grove, Henry Lamb, Helen Roberts, Sarah Davies, Mike Marshall, C. Richard Bates, Dei Huws
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Sedimentary DNA from a submerged site reveals wheat in the British Isles 8000 years ago Oliver Smith, Garry Momber, C. Richard Bates, Paul Garwood, Simon Fitch, Mark Pallen, Vincent Gaffney, Robin G. Allaby
Science 2015 vol. 347 pp. 998-1001
Thermal age, cytosine deamination and the veracity of 8,000 year old wheat DNA from sediments Logan Kistler, Oliver Smith, Roselyn Ware, Garry Momber, C. Richard Bates, Paul Garwood, Simon Fitch, Mark Pallen, Vincent Gaffney, Robin Allaby
biorxiv 2015
Tides of Change C. Richard Bates
The Geographer 2015 vol. Spring 2015 pp. 8
Wind-driven upwelling around grounded tabular icebergs Alon Stern, Eric Johnson, Till Wagner, David Holland, Peter Wadhams, C. Richard Bates, Povl Abrahamsen, Keith Nicholls, Anna Crawford, Jonathan Gagnon, Jean-Eric Tremblay
Journal of Geophysical Research - Oceans 2015 vol. 120 pp. 5820-5835
A new view from la Cotte de St Brelade, Jersey B. Scott, M. Bates, C. Richard Bates, C. Conneller, M. Pope, A. Shaw, G. Smith
Antiquity 2014 vol. 88 pp. 13-29
Hominin footprints from Early Pleistocene deposits at Happisburgh, UK Nick Ashton, Simon G. Lewis, Isabelle De Groote, Sarah M. Duffy, Martin Bates, C. Richard Bates, Peter Hoare, Mark Lewis, Simon A. Parfitt, Sylvia Peglar, Craig Williams, Chris Stringer
PLoS One 2014 vol. 9 pp. 1-13
Ice–ocean interaction and calving front morphology at two west Greenland tidewater outlet glaciers N chauche, A Hubbard, C. Richard Bates, J Gascard, J Box, M Koppe, A Sole, P Christoffersen, H Patton
The Cryosphere Discussions 2014 vol. 8 pp. 1457-1468
One Million Years UK C. Richard Bates
British Archaeology 2014 vol. March April 2014 pp. 20
The "footloose" mechanism T.J.W. Wagner, P. Wadhams, C. Richard Bates, P. Elosegui, A. Stern, D. Vella, E.P. Abrahamsen, Anna Crawford, K.W. Nicholls
Geophysical Research Letters 2014 vol. 41 pp. 5522-5529
A Multi-disciplinary Approach to the Archaeological Investigation of a Bedrock-Dominated Shallow-Marine Landscape Martin R. Bates, Nigel Nayling, C. Richard Bates, Sue Dawson, Dei Huws, Caroline Wickham-Jones
International Journal of Nautical Archaeology 2013 vol. 42 pp. 24-43
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Geological Magazine 2013 vol. 150 pp. 360-366
The Ebbsfleet Elephant Francis Wenban-Smith, C. Richard Bates
The morphology and structure of the Hannibal Bank fisheries management zone, Pacific Panama using acoustic seabed mapping S. Cunningham, H.M. Guzman, C. Richard Bates
Revista de Biologia Tropical 2013 vol. 61 pp. 1967-1979
Time and a place V. Gaffney, S. Fitch, E. Ramsey, R. Yorston, E. Ch'ng, E. Baldwin, C. Richard Bates, C. Gaffney, C. Ruggles, T. Sparrow, A. McMillan, D. Cowley, S. Fraser, C. Murray, H. Murray, E. Hopla, A. Howard
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A Hardware Proof of Concept for a Remote-Controlled Glacier-Surveying Boat Mark Neal, Tom Blanchard, Alun Hubbard, Nolwen Chauche, C. Richard Bates, John Woodward
Journal of Field Robotics 2012 vol. 29 pp. 880-890
An adaptable survey platform for shallow water C. Richard Bates, P. Fenning
Hydro International 2012 vol. 16
Barrier Island Geomorphology, Hydrodynamic Modelling, and Historical Shoreline Changes: An Example from South Uist and Benbecula, Scottish Outer Hebrides Alastair G. Dawson, Cristina Gomez, William Ritchie, Crispian Batstone, Mark Lawless, John S. Rowan, Sue Dawson, Jason McIlveny, C. Richard Bates, David Muir
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Barrier islands on bedrock: J Cooper, D Jackson, A Dawson, S Dawson, C. Richard Bates, W Ritchie
Geology 2012 vol. 40 pp. 923-926
Lake sonar surveys and the search for sub-fossil wood Rob Wilson, C. Richard Bates
Dendrochronologia 2012 vol. 30 pp. 61-65
Morphology of the Faial Island shelf (Azores): The interplay between volcanic, erosional, depositional, tectonic and mass-wasting processes R. Quartau, N. C. Mitchell, L. M. Pinheiro, H. Duarte, P. O. Brito, C. Richard Bates, J. H. Monteiro
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 2012 vol. 13 pp. -
Predictive Modeling of Dominant Macroalgae Abundance on Temperate Island Shelves (Azores, Northeast Atlantic) Monique Lea MacKenzie, I. Bashmachnikov, M. Puotinen, R.S. Santos, C. Richard Bates
2012 pp. 169-184
The Stonehenge Hidden Landscapes Project Chris Gaffney, Vince Gaffney, Wolfgang Neubauer, Eamonn Baldwin, Henry Chapman, Paul Garwood, Helen Moulden, Tom Sparrow, C. Richard Bates, Klaus Loecker, Alois Hinterleitner, Immo Trinks, Erich Nau, Thomas Zitz, Sebastian Floery, Geert Verhoeven, Michael Doneus
Archaeological Prospection 2012 vol. 19 pp. 147-155
Trace element fingerprinting of ceramic building material from Carpow and York Roman fortresses manufactured by the VI Legion A. J. Finlay, J. M. McComish, C. J. Ottley, C. Richard Bates, D. Selby
Journal of Archaeological Science 2012 vol. 39 pp. 2385-2391
Geophysical Methods for Wreck-Site Monitoring C. Richard Bates, Mark Lawrence, Martin Dean, Philip Robertson
International Journal of Nautical Archaeology 2011 vol. 40 pp. 404-416
Late Pleistocene and Holocene drought events at Lake Tana, the source of the Blue Nile Michael H. Marshall, Henry F. Lamb, Dei Huws, Sarah J. Davies, C. Richard Bates, Jan Bloemendal, John Boyle, Melanie J. Leng, Mohammed Umer, Charlotte Bryant
Global and Planetary Change 2011 vol. 78 pp. 147-161
The Humber Regional Environmental Characterisation D R Tappin, B Pearse, S Fitch, D Dove, B Geary, J Hill, C Chambers, C. Richard Bates, C Pinnion, M Green, J Gallyot, L Georgiou, D Brutto, S Marzialetti, E Hopla, E Ramsay, H Fielding
Acoustic mapping of fish aggregation areas to improve fisheries management in Las Perlas Archipelago, Pacific Panama Sarah J. M. Harper, C. Richard Bates, Hector M. Guzman, James M. Mair
Ocean and Coastal Management 2010 vol. 53 pp. 615-623
Orkney C.R. Wickham-Jones, S. Dawson, C. Richard Bates
The HMS Sussex Shipwreck Project (Site E-82): Preliminary Report Neil Cunningham Dobson, Hawk Tolson, Brian Lavery, C. Richard Bates, Fernando Tempera, Jacqui Pearce
2010 pp. 159-190
Using seismic facies and pollen analyses to evaluate climatically driven change in a Scottish sea loch (fjord) over the last 20 ka A Baltzer, C. Richard Bates, Z Mokeddem, M Clet-Pellerin, A-V Walter-Simonnet, C Bonnot-Courtois, William Austin
2010 pp. 355-369
Cold stage deposits of the West Sussex Coastal Plain: the evidence from Warblington, Hampshire M.R. Bates, C. Richard Bates, S. Bates, S. Jones, J.-L. Schenninger, M.J.C. Walker, J.E. Whittaker
2009 pp. 60-72

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