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Back in the 1980’s available computers were not powerful enough to process acoustic data in real time. However, with the increased power available since the mid 90’s, it is now possible to develop software that will detect and classify sounds in real time on affordable PC’s.

As computers become ever more powerful, we have been able to develop more sophisticated detectors for more and more species, increasing the range of frequencies we can work at and the number of channels of data that can be processed. Now that we no longer hunger for more processing power, the trend in affordable computing has been for smaller and lower power devices. Indeed, most of us carry a mobile phone containing a processor that is more than capable of carrying out serious amounts of real-time data processing. Much of my current research therefore involves the development of detection systems that can run on low power devices mounted on moored buoys and autonomous vehicles such as submarine gliders. As well as the challenge of making useful detections on a limited power budget, we are also addressing the problem of how to interpret this type of data: for instance, if I hear 10,000 echolocation clicks from my glider, how many animals are there ?

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Recent publications

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Marine Pollution Bulletin
vol.140 pp.17-29
(Review article)
A review of unmanned vehicles for the detection and monitoring of marine fauna
Ursula K. Verfuss, Ana Sofia Aniceto, Danielle Harris, Douglas Michael Gillespie, Sophie Fielding, Guillermo Jiménez, Phil Johnston, Rachael R. Sinclair, Agnar Sivertsen, Stian A. Solbø, Rune Storvold, Martin Biuw, Roy Wyatt 
Keywords: Unmanned vehicles, Marine animal monitoring, Underwater sound, Environmental impact assessment, Offshore industry
2018 (2)
Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems
vol.28 pp.216-230
Cetacean rapid assessment: an approach to fill knowledge gaps and target conservation across large data deficient areas
Gillian Tracey Braulik, Magreth Kasuga, Anja Wittich, Jeremy J Kiszka, Jamie Donald John MacAulay, Douglas Michael Gillespie, Jonathan Charles David Gordon, Said Shaib Said, Philip Steven Hammond 
Keywords: Cetaceans, Distribution, Environmental impact assessement, Management, Marine spatial planning, Rapid assessment, Tanzania
2018 (1)
Marine Pollution Bulletin
vol.126 pp.1-18
(Review article)
Comparing methods suitable for monitoring marine mammals in low visibility conditions during seismic surveys
Ursula K. Verfuss, Douglas Michael Gillespie, Jonathan Charles David Gordon, Tiago A. Marques, Brianne Miller, Rachael Plunkett, James A. Theriault, Dominic John Tollit, Daniel P. Zitterbart, Philippe Hubert, Len Thomas 
Keywords: Marine mammals, Monitoring methods, Underwater noise, Seismic survey, Detection performance, Low visibility
2018 (12/3)
Marine Ecology Progress Series
vol.590 pp.247-266
2017 (15/12)
Marine Pollution Bulletin
vol.125 pp.360-366
Acoustic monitoring to document the spatial distribution and hotspots of blast fishing in Tanzania
Gillian Tracey Braulik, Anja Wittich, Jamie Donald John MacAulay, Magreth Kasuga, Jonathan Charles David Gordon, Tim Davenport, Douglas Michael Gillespie 
Keywords: Explosives, Destructive fishing, Acoustic monitoring, Tanzania, Resource management, Fisheries managementEcology, Evolution, Behavior and Systematics
2017 (2)
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
vol.141 pp.1120-1132
Passive acoustic methods for fine-scale tracking of harbour porpoises in tidal rapids
Jamie Donald John MacAulay, Jonathan Charles David Gordon, Douglas Michael Gillespie, Chloe Elizabeth Malinka, Simon Northridge 
2016 (2)
(Commissioned report)
Scottish Government Demonstration Strategy
Carol Elizabeth Sparling, Douglas Michael Gillespie, Gordon Drummond Hastie, Jonathan Charles David Gordon, Jamie Donald John MacAulay, Chloe Elizabeth Malinka, Mick Wu, Bernie J McConnell 
Keywords: marine renewables, passive acoustic monitoring, active acoustic monitoring, tidal energy, Marine mammalScottish Government, NERC
2015 (1)
Methods in Ecology and Evolution
vol.6 pp.38-48
2015 (25/9)

(Other contribution)
PAMGuard Beta release 1.14.00
Douglas Michael Gillespie 
Keywords: Software, Cetaceans, Detection, Acoustic
2015 (11)

(Commissioned report)
Tracking harbor porpoises in tidal rapids:
Jamie Donald John MacAulay, Jonathan Charles David Gordon, Douglas Michael Gillespie, Chloe Elizabeth Malinka, Mark Johnson, Simon Northridge 
Keywords: NERC
2014 (9)
Methods in Oceanography
vol.10 pp.70-89
Assessing the potential of autonomous submarine gliders for ecosystem monitoring across multiple trophic levels (plankton to cetaceans) and pollutants in shallow shelf seas
L. Suberg, R.B. Wynn, J.V.D. Kooij, L. Fernand, S. Fielding, D. Guihen, Douglas Michael Gillespie, Mark Johnson, I.J. Allan, B. Vrana, P.I. Miller, D. Smeed, A.R. Jones 
Keywords: Autonomous underwater vehicles, Submarine glider, Slocum, Ecosystem monitoring, Multiple trophic levels
2014 (2)
Biological Conservation
vol.170 pp.338-339
Large scale surveys for cetaceans
Philip Steven Hammond, Douglas Michael Gillespie, Philip Lovell, Filipa Isabel Pereira Samarra, Kelly Macleod, Mark L Tasker, Per Berggren, David Louis Borchers, M Louise Burt, Charles G. M. Paxton, Ana Canadas, Genevieve Desportes, Greg P Donovan, Anita Gilles, Kristina Lehnert, Ursula Siebert, Jonathan Charles David Gordon, Russell Leaper, Mardik Leopold, Meike Scheidat, Nils Oien, Vincent Ridoux, Emer Rogan, Henrik Skov, Jonas Teilmann, Olivier Van Canneyt, Jose Antonio Vazquez 
Keywords: Line transect sampling, Survey design, Abundance estimation, Cetacean, Conservation, EU Habitats Directive

(Chapter (peer-reviewed))
Tracking technologies for quantifying marine mammal interactions with tidal turbines: pitfalls and possibilities
Gordon Drummond Hastie, Douglas Michael Gillespie, Jonathan Charles David Gordon, Jamie Donald John MacAulay, Bernie J McConnell, Carol Elizabeth Sparling 
2013 (1/9)
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
vol.134 pp.2427-2437
Automatic detection and classification of odontocete whistles
Douglas Michael Gillespie, Jonathan Charles David Gordon, P. White 
2013 (8)
Biological Conservation
vol.164 pp.107-122
Cetacean abundance and distribution in European Atlantic shelf waters to inform conservation and management
Philip Steven Hammond, Kelly Macleod, Per Berggren, David Louis Borchers, M Louise Burt, Ana Cañadas, Genevieve Desportes, Greg P Donovan, Anita Gilles, Douglas Michael Gillespie, Jonathan Charles David Gordon, Lex Hiby, Iwona Kuklik, Russell Leaper, Kristina Lehnert, Mardik Leopold, Philip Lovell, Nils Øien, Charles G. M. Paxton, Vincent Ridoux, Emer Rogan, Filipa Isabel Pereira Samarra, Meike Scheidat, Marina Sequeira, Ursula Siebert, Henrik Skov, Mark Tasker, Jonas Teilmann, Olivier Van Canneyt, José Antonio Vázquez 
Keywords: Conservation status, North Sea, Line transect sampling, SCANS, Harbour porpoise, Bottlenose dolphin, Common dolphin, White-beaked dolphin, Minke whale, Bycatch, Habitats Directive

(Commissioned report)
Methods for tracking fine scale underwater movements of marine mammals around marine tidal devices
Bernie J McConnell, Douglas Michael Gillespie, Jonathan Charles David Gordon, Gordon Drummond Hastie, Mark Johnson, Jamie Donald John MacAulay 
2013 (25/12)
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
vol.134 pp.2469–2476
ICES Journal of Marine Science
vol.68 pp.929-936
2010 (5)
Journal of Cetacean Research and Management
vol.11 pp.217
An integrated data collection system for line transect surveys
Douglas Michael Gillespie, Russell Leaper, Jonathan Charles David Gordon, Kelly Macleod 

(Commissioned report)
Assessment of the impacts and utility of acoustic deterrent devices
Simon Northridge, Jonathan Charles David Gordon, Susannah Calderan, Alexander Cargill, Alexander James Coram, Douglas Michael Gillespie, Mike Lonergan, Alice Webb 
Keywords: Scottish Aquaculture Research Forum
2010 (11)
Applied Acoustics
vol.71 pp.1043-1049
Comparison of beaked whale detection algorithms
Tina M. Yack, Jay Barlow, Marie A. Roch, Holger Klinck, Steve Martin, David K. Mellinger, Douglas Michael Gillespie 
Keywords: Beaked whale, Classification, Detection, Echolocationl, Passive acoustic monitoring, Towed-arrayAcoustics and Ultrasonics
2010 (5)
Journal of Cetacean Research and Management
vol.11 pp.229-237
Comparisons of measured and estimated distances and angles from sightings surveys
Russell Leaper, M Louise Burt, Douglas Michael Gillespie, Kelly Macleod 
2010 (3)
Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom
vol.90 pp.361-366
Photo-grammetric measurements of swimming speed and body length of basking sharks observed around the Hebrides, Scotland
Claire Lacey, Russell Leaper, Anna Moscrop, Douglas Michael Gillespie, Richard McLanaghan, Steve Brown 
Keywords: Basking shark, Photo-gammetric techniques, Size estimation
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
vol.125 pp.3428-3433
Field Recordings of Gervais’ Beaked whales Mesoplodon europaeus from the Bahamas
Douglas Michael Gillespie, Jonathan Charles David Gordon, C Embling, Ian Boyd 

PAMGUARD: Semiautomated, open source software for real-time acoustic detection and localisation of cetaceans
Douglas Michael Gillespie, Jonathan Gordon, Ron McHugh, David Mclaren, David Mellinger, Paul Redmond, Aaron Thode, Phil Trinder, Xiao Yan Deng 
2008 (3)
Canadian Acoustics
vol.36 pp.20-26
Statistical classification of odontocete clicks
Douglas Michael Gillespie, Marjolaine Caillat 
2007 (12)
African Journal of Marine Science
vol.29 pp.403-410
2007 (2)
Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom
vol.87 pp.353-357
Sperm whale abundance estimates from acoustic surveys of the Ionian Sea and Straits of Sicily in 2003
Tim Lewis, Douglas Michael Gillespie, Claire Lacey, Justin Matthews, Magnus Danbolt, Russell Leaper, Richard McLanaghan, Anna Moscrop 
2006 (11)
Applied Acoustics
vol.67 pp.1061-1070
Overview of the 2005 workshop on detection and localization of marine mammals using passive acoustics
Olivier Adam, Jean-Francois Motsch, Francine Desharnais, Nancy DiMarzio, Douglas Michael Gillespie, Robert C. Gisiner 
Keywords: workshop, detection, localization, marine mammals, passive acoustics, Monaco, oceanographic musee
Journal of Cetacean Research and Management
vol.7 pp.51
Relative abundance of harbour porpoises (Phocoena phocoena) from acoustic and visual surveys of the Baltic Sea and adjacent waters during 2001 and 2002
Douglas Michael Gillespie, P Berggren, S Brown, I Kuklik, C Lacey, T Lewis, J Matthews, R McLanaghan, A Moscrop, N Tregenza 
2004 (6)
Canadian Acoustics
vol.32 pp.39-47
Marine Technology Society Journal
vol.37 pp.16-34
(Review article)
A review of the effects of seismic surveys on marine mammals
Jonathan Charles David Gordon, Douglas Michael Gillespie, J Potter, Alexandros Frantzis, M P Simmonds, David Thompson 
2002 (8)
vol.13 pp.37-61

(Commissioned report)
Journal of Cetacean Research and Management
vol.3 pp.271-282
Vocalisation rates of the North Atlantic right whale (Eubalaena glacialis)
JN Matthews, S Brown, Douglas Michael Gillespie, M Johnson, R McLanaghan, A Moscrop, D Nowacek, R Leaper, T Lewis, Peter Lloyd Tyack 
Journal of Cetacean Research and Management
vol.2 pp.187-196
Results of passive acoustic surveys for odontocetes in the Southern Ocean
Russell Leaper, Douglas Michael Gillespie, Vassili Papastavrou 

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