Prof David Dritschel

Prof David Dritschel


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Imperfect bifurcation for the quasi-geostrophic shallow-water equations David Gerard Dritschel, Taoufik Hmidi, Coralie Renault
Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis 2019 vol.231 pp.1853-1915
On the regularity of the Green-Naghdi equations for a rotating shallow fluid layer David Gerard Dritschel, Mohammad Reza Jalali
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 2019 vol.865 pp.100-136
The interaction of two asymmetric quasi-geostrophic vortex patches M.M. Jalali, David Gerard Dritschel
Geophysical and Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics vol.Latest Articles
Comparison of variational balance models for the rotating shallow water equations David Gerard Dritschel, Georg Gottwald, Marcel Oliver
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 2017 vol.822 pp.689-716
On the energetics of a two-layer baroclinic flow David Gerard Dritschel
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 2017 vol.816 pp.586-618
Toward a PV-based algorithm for the dynamical core of hydrostatic global models Ali R. Mohebalhojeh, Mohammad Joghataei, David Gerard Dritschel
Monthly Weather Review 2016 vol.144 pp.2481-2502
Ellipsoidal vortices in rotating stratified fluids Yue-kin Tsang, David Gerard Dritschel
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 2015 vol.762 pp.196-231
Simply-connected vortex-patch shallow-water quasi-equilibria David Gerard Dritschel
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 2014 vol.743 pp.481-502
Quasi-geostrophic shallow-water doubly-connected vortex equilibria and their stability David Gerard Dritschel
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 2013 vol.723 pp.40-68
Shallow-water vortex equilibria and their stability David Gerard Dritschel
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 2011 vol.318

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