Dr Debbie Russell

Dr Debbie Russell
Senior Research Fellow



I am a senior research fellow at the Sea Mammal Research Unit (SMRU) and am affiliated with the Centre for Research into Ecological and Environmental Monitoring (CREEM) where I am spend one day a week.

General Information

I am interested in the marine ecosystem and species at the interface between the marine and terrestrial environments, namely seals and seabirds which are dependent on the marine ecosystem for food but on the terrestrial environment for breeding. I am particularly interested in interactions on various levels: among different taxa, between species and humans, and between species and their changing environment.


  • Investigation of seal population trends and their drivers.
  • Using a mixture of Bayesian and frequentist methods to analyse harbour and grey seal telemetry data to answer both pure and applied research questions.
  • Investigation of the impact of anthropogenic structures, their construction, operation and decommisioning, on marine predators.
  • Using movement and behavioural data within a state-space modelling framework to define activity budgets.
  • Modelling interactions between seals and fisheries in a spatial context, using state space models.
  • Modelling the effect of climate variation on British seabirds.

PhD students

  • J.Chris McKnight, University of St Andrews. "Effects of tag attachment in a large marine vertebrate". Co-supervised with Dave Thompson and Sophie Brasseur.
  • Matt Carter, University of Plymouth. "How do grey seal pups learn how to forage? Using telemetry data to understand development of foraging behaviour in relation to oceanography and potential disturbance". Co-supervised with Clare Embling, Kimberley Bennett and Phil Hosegood.
  • Katherine Whyte, University of St Andrews. “Behavioural responses by seals to offshore energy activities”. Co-supervised with Gordon Hastie, Len Thomas and Carol Sparling.


  • James Grecian, University of St Andrews. MAPS project funded by INSITE. "Man-made structures and Apex Predators: Spatial interactions and overlap"


  • 2nd year interdisciplinary module "Science Methods"
  • Marine Mammal Biology and Environmental Biology Masters.
    • Quantitative Methods for Ecology
    • Research Methods in Marine Mammal Science

source: symbiosis


Recent publications listed in research@st-andrews
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