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A deepening understanding of animal culture suggests lessons for conservation Philippa Brakes, Emma Louise Carroll, Sasha Dall, Sally Keith, Peter McGregor, Sarah Mesnick, Michael Noad, Luke Edward Rendell, Martha Robbins, Christian Rutz, Alex Thorton, Andrew Whiten, Martin Whiting, Lucy Aplin, Stuart Bearhop, Paolo Ciucci, Vicki Fishlock, John Ford, Giuseppe Notarbartolo di Sciara, Mark Simmonds, Fernando Spina, Paul Wade, Hal Whithead, James Williams, Ellen Clare Garland
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 2021 vol. 288
The missing whales M Vighi, A Borrell, JA Jackson, Emma Louise Carroll, MG Pennino, A Aguilar
ICES Journal of Marine Science 2021 vol. 78 pp. 14-24
Genetic diversity and connectivity of southern right whales (Eubalaena australis) found in the Brazil and Chile–Peru wintering grounds and the South Georgia (Islas Georgias del Sur) feeding ground Emma Louise Carroll, Paulo H Ott, Louise F McMillan, Bárbara Galletti Vernazzani, Petra Neveceralova, Els Vermeulen, Oscar Eduardo Gaggiotti, Artur Andriolo, C Scott Baker, Connor Bamford, Peter Best, Elsa Cabrera, Susannah Calderan, Andrea Chirife, Rachel M Fewster, Paulo A C Flores, Timothy Frasier, Thales R O Freitas, Karina Groch, Pavel Hulva, Amy Kennedy, Russell Leaper, Matthew S Leslie, Michael Moore, Larissa Oliveira, Jon Seger, Emilie N Stepien, Luciano O Valenzuela, Alexandre Zerbini, Jennifer A Jackson
Journal of Heredity 2020 vol. 111 pp. 263-276
Perturbation drives changing metapopulation dynamics in a top marine predator Emma Louise Carroll, Ailsa Jane Hall, Morten Tange Olsen, Aubrie Onoufriou, Oscar Eduardo Gaggiotti, Debbie JF Russell
Proceedings of the Royal Society of London Series B: Biological Sciences 2020 vol. 287
Satellite derived offshore migratory movements of southern right whales (Eubalaena australis) from Australian and New Zealand wintering grounds Frédéric Bailleul, Emma Louise Carroll, Virginia Andrews-Goff, C. Scott Baker, John Bannister, Laura Boren, Krisa Carlyon, David M. Donnelly, Michael Double, Simon D. Goldsworthy, Robert Harcourt, Dirk Holman, Andrew Lowther, Guido J. Parra, Simon J. Childerhouse
PLoS ONE 2020 vol. 15
Animal cultures matter for conservation Philippa Brakes, Sasha R. X. Dall, Lucy M. Aplin, Stuart Bearhop, Emma Louise Carroll, Paolo Ciucci, Vicki Fishlock, John K. B. Ford, Ellen Clare Garland, Sally A. Keith, Peter K. McGregor, Sarah L. Mesnick, Michael J. Noad, Giuseppe Notarbartolo di Sciara, Martha M. Robbins, Mark P. Simmonds, Fernando Spina, Alex Thornton, Paul R. Wade, Martin J. Whiting, James Williams, Luke Edward Rendell, Hal Whitehead, Andrew Whiten, Christian Rutz
Science 2019 vol. 363 pp. 1032-1034
Future directions in research on beaked whales Sascha Kate Hooker, Natacha Aguilar de Soto, Robin W. Baird, Emma Louise Carroll, Laura Feyrer, Patrick James Miller, Aubrie Onoufriou, Greg Schorr, Hal Whitehead
Frontiers in Marine Science 2019 vol. 5
Future directions in Eubalaena spp. Rob Harcourt, Julie van der Hoop, Scott Kraus, Emma Louise Carroll
Frontiers in Marine Science 2019 vol. 5
Incorporating non-equilibrium dynamics into demographic history inferences of a migratory marine species Emma Louise Carroll, R Alderman, J L Bannister, Martine Berube, P B Best, L Boren, C S Baker, Rachel Constantine, K Findlay, R Harcourt, L Lemaire, Per Palsboll, N J Patenaude, V J Rowntree, J Seger, D Steel, L O Valenzuela, M Watson, Oscar Eduardo Gaggiotti
Heredity 2019 vol. 122 pp. 53-68
Making use of the social network in conservation genomics Emma Louise Carroll, Oscar Eduardo Gaggiotti
Molecular Ecology Resources 2019 vol. 19 pp. 307-309
Phylogenomic insights to the origin and spread of phocine distemper virus in European harbour seals in 1988 and 2002 Iben Stokholm, Tero Härkönen, Karin C. Harding, U. Siebert, Kristina Lehnert, Rune Dietz, Jonas Teilmann, Anders Galatius, Linnea Worsøe Havmøller, Emma Louise Carroll, Ailsa Jane Hall, Morten Tange Olsen
Diseases of Aquatic Organisms 2019 vol. 133 pp. 47-56
Genetic and genomic monitoring with minimally invasive sampling methods Emma Louise Carroll, Michael Bruford, J. A. DeWoody, G Leroy, A Strand, L Waits, J Wang
Evolutionary Applications 2018 vol. 11 pp. 1094-1119
Next-generation metrics for monitoring genetic erosion within populations of conservation concern G. Leroy, Emma Louise Carroll, M. W. Bruford, J. A. DeWoody, A. Strand, L. Waits, J. Wang
Evolutionary Applications 2018 vol. 11 pp. 1066-1083
Demography and ecology of southern right whales Eubalaena australis wintering at sub-Antarctic Campbell Island, New Zealand Leigh Torres, Will Rayment, Carlos Olavarria, David Thompson, Brittany Graham, C. Scott Baker, Nathalie Patenaude, Sarah Jane Bury, Laura Boren, Graham Parker, Emma Louise Carroll
Polar Biology 2017 vol. 40 pp. 95-106
True’s beaked whale (Mesoplodon mirus) in Macaronesia Natacha Aguilar de Soto, Vidal Martin, Monica Silva, Roland Edler, Cristel Reyes, Manuel Carrillo, Agustina Schiavi, Talia Morales, Belen García-Ovide, Anna Sanchez-Mora, Nerea Garcia-Tavero, Lisa Steiner, Michael Scheer, Roland Gockel, Dylan Walker, Enrico Villa, Petra Szlama, Ida K. Eriksson, Marisa Tejedor, Monica Perez-Gil, João Quaresma, Wojtek Bachara, Emma Louise Carroll
PeerJ 2017 vol. 5
An integrated approach to historical population assessment of the great whales Jennifer Jackson, Emma Louise Carroll, Tim Smith, Alexandre Zerbini, Nathalie Patenaude, C. Scott Baker
Royal Society Open Science 2016 vol. 3
Erratum Emma Louise Carroll, Matthew David Watson, R. Alderman, J. Bannister, Oscar Eduardo Gaggiotti, D. R. Gröcke, N.J. Patenaude, R. Harcourt
Scientific Reports 2016 vol. 6
First direct evidence for natal wintering ground fidelity and estimate of juvenile survival in the New Zealand Southern right whale Eubalaena australis Emma Louise Carroll, Rachel Fewster, Simon Childerhouse, Nathalie Patenaude, Laura Boren, C. Scott Baker
PLoS One 2016 vol. 11
Genomic methods take the plunge Kristina Cammen, Kimberley Andrews, Emma Louise Carroll, Andrew Foote, Emily Humble, Jane Khudyakov, Marie Louis, Michael McGowen, Morten Olsen, Amy Van Cise
Journal of Heredity 2016 vol. 107 pp. 481-495
Assessing the design and power of capture-recapture studies to estimate population growth rate and abundance of the endangered Oceania humpback whale population Emma Louise Carroll, Lyndon Brooks, C. Scott Baker, Daniel Burns, Claire Garrigue, Nan Hauser, Jennifer Jackson, Michael Poole, Rachel Fewster
Endangered Species Research 2015 vol. 28 pp. 147-162
Cultural traditions across a migratory network shape the genetic structure of southern right whales around Australia and New Zealand Emma Louise Carroll, C. Scott Baker, Mandy Watson, Rachael Alderman, John Bannister, Oscar Eduardo Gaggiotti, Darren Gröcke, Nathalie Patenaude, Robert Harcourt
Scientific Reports 2015 vol. 5
First record of True's beaked whale Mesoplodon mirus in New Zealand Rochelle Constantine, Emma Louise Carroll, Ramari Stewart, Don Neale, Anton van Helden
Marine Biodiversity Records 2014 vol. 7
Maximum likelihood estimation for model M for capture-recapture data with misidentification R.T.R. Vale, R.M. Fewster, Emma Louise Carroll, N.J. Patenaude
Biometrics 2014
Reestablishment of former wintering grounds by New Zealand southern right whales Emma Louise Carroll, W.J. Rayment, A.M. Alexander, C.S. Baker, N.J. Patenaude, D. Steel, R. Constantine, R. Cole, L.J. Boren, S. Childerhouse
Marine Mammal Science 2014 vol. 30 pp. 206-220
Accounting for female reproductive cycles in a superpopulation capture-recapture framework Emma Louise Carroll, S.J. Childerhouse, R.M. Fewster, N.J. Patenaude, D. Steel, G. Dunshea, L. Boren, C.S. Baker
Ecological Applications 2013 vol. 23 pp. 1677-1690
Paternity assignment and demographic closure in the New Zealand southern right whale Emma Louise Carroll, Simon J. Childerhouse, Mark Christie, Shane Lavery, Nathalie Patenaude, Alana Alexander, Rochelle Constantine, Debbie Steel, Laura Boren, C. Scott Baker
Molecular Ecology 2012 vol. 21 pp. 3960-3973
Abundance of the New Zealand subantarctic southern right whale population estimated from photo-identification and genotype mark-recapture Emma Louise Carroll, N. J. Patenaude, S. J. Childerhouse, S. D. Kraus, R. M. Fewster, C. S. Baker
Marine Biology 2011 vol. 158 pp. 2565-2575
Population structure and individual movement of southern right whales around New Zealand and Australia Emma Louise Carroll, N. Patenaude, A. Alexander, D. Steel, R. Harcourt, S. Childerhouse, S. Smith, J. Bannister, R. Constantine, C. Scott Baker
Marine Ecology Progress Series 2011 vol. 432 pp. 257-268
How few whales were there after whaling? J A Jackson, N J Patenaude, Emma Louise Carroll, C Scott Baker
Molecular Ecology 2008 vol. 17 pp. 236-51

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