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Confirmed sightings of the Killer Whale, Orcinus orca, in Iranian waters (Mammalia: Cetacea) Nazanin Mohsenian, Hamed Moshiri, Amin Tollab, Hamid Reza Bargahi, Gillian Tracey Braulik, Georgina L. Gemmell, Tim Collins
Zoology in the Middle East 2019 vol. 65 pp. 280-282
The Northern Mozambique Channel David Obura, S. O. Bandiera, N. Bodin, V. Burgener, Gillian Tracey Braulik, E. Chassot, M. Gullstrom, M. Kochzius, M. Nicoll, K Osuka, H. O. Ralison, M Richmond, M. Samoilys, P. Scheren, J-F. Ternon
2019 vol. II pp. 75-99
Cetacean rapid assessment: an approach to fill knowledge gaps and target conservation across large data deficient areas Gillian Tracey Braulik, Magreth Kasuga, Anja Wittich, Jeremy J Kiszka, Jamie Donald John MacAulay, Douglas Michael Gillespie, Jonathan Charles David Gordon, Said Shaib Said, Philip Steven Hammond
Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems 2018 vol. 28 pp. 216-230
Susu and bhulan, Platanista gangetica gangetica and P. g. minor Gillian Tracey Braulik, Brian Smith
2018 pp. 967-970
Acoustic monitoring to document the spatial distribution and hotspots of blast fishing in Tanzania Gillian Tracey Braulik, Anja Wittich, Jamie Donald John MacAulay, Magreth Kasuga, Jonathan Charles David Gordon, Tim Davenport, Douglas Michael Gillespie
Marine Pollution Bulletin 2017 vol. 125 pp. 360-366
Assessment of the conservation status of the Indian Ocean Humpback Dolphin (Sousa plumbea) Using the IUCN red list criteria Gillian Tracey Braulik, K. Findlay, Salvatore Cerchio, Robert Baldwin
2015 pp. 119-141
One species or two? Vicariance, lineage divergence and low mtDNA diversity in geographically isolated populations of South Asian river dolphin Gillian Tracey Braulik, R Barnett, Valentina Islas Villanueva, A.R. Hoelzel, Jefferson Alden Graves
Journal of Mammalian Evolution 2015 vol. 22 pp. 111-120
Review of status, threats, and conservation management options for the endangered Indus River blind dolphin Gillian Tracey Braulik, U. Noureen, Masood Arshad, Randall R. Reeves
Biological Conservation 2015 vol. 192 pp. 30-41
An evaluation of age estimation using teeth from South Asian River dolphins (Platanistidae) Christina Lockyer, Gillian Tracey Braulik
NAMMCO Scientific Publications 2014 vol. 10
Platanistidae Gillian Tracey Braulik
The first Indo-Pacific common dolphin mass stranding in Iranian waters Nazanin Mohsenian, Hamed Moshiri, Omid Sedighi Savad Kouhi, Shahram Norbakhsh, Shokat Heidary, Kazem Sharifi Shamili, Gillian Tracey Braulik
Marine Biodiversity Records 2014 vol. 7
Population estimates and distribution patterns of Irrawaddy dolphins (Orcaella brevirostris) and Indo-Pacific finless porpoises (Neophocaena phocaenoides) in the Kuching Bay, Sarawak Gianna Minton, C Peter, ANZ Poh, J Ngeian, Gillian Tracey Braulik, Philip Steven Hammond, AA Tuen
Raffles Bulletin of Zoology 2013 vol. 61 pp. 877-888
Habitat use by a freshwater dolphin in the low-water season Gillian Tracey Braulik, Simon Northridge
Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems 2012 vol. 22
Robust abundance estimate for endangered river dolphin subspecies in South Asia Gillian Tracey Braulik, Z.I. Bhatti, T Ehsan, B Hussain, Ar Khan, a Khan, U Khan, Ku Kundi, R Rajput, Ap Reichert, Sp Northridge, Hb Bhagat, R Garstang, Simon Northridge
Endangered Species Research 2012 vol. 17 pp. 201-215
A retrospective investigation of two dolphin mass mortality events in Iran, Autumn 2007. Gillian Tracey Braulik, O. S. Savadkouhi, S. Fadakar, H. Mohammadi, R. L. Brownell Jr., R. R. Reeves, M. B. Nabavi, A Fernandez
Zoology in the Middle East 2010 vol. 49 pp. 13-26
A retrospective investigation of two dolphin mass mortality events in Iran, autumn 2007 (Mammalia Gillian Tracey Braulik, Omid S. Savadkouhi, Shahrom Fadakar, Hassan Mohammadi, Robert L. Brownell, Randall R. Reeves, M. Bagher Nabavi, Antonio Fernandez
Zoology in the Middle East 2010 vol. 49 pp. 13-26
Marine mammal records from Iran. Gillian Tracey Braulik, S. Ranjbar, F. Owfi, T. Aminrad, M. Dakhteh, E. Kamrani, F. Mohsenizadeh
Journal of Cetacean Research and Management 2010 vol. 11 pp. 49-63
Habitat selection of freshwater-dependent cetaceans and the potential effects of declining freshwater flows and sea-level rise in waterways of the Sundarbans mangrove forest, Bangladesh B. D. Smith, Gillian Tracey Braulik, Samantha Strindberg, R. Mansur, M. A A Diyan, B. Ahmed
Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems 2009 vol. 19 pp. 209-225
Susu and Bhulan Brian D. Smith, Gillian Tracey Braulik
2009 pp. 1135-1139
Conservation of the baiji Ding Wang, Xianfeng Zhang, Kexiong Wang, Zhuo Wei, Bernd Würsig, Gillian Tracey Braulik, Susie Ellis
Conservation Biology 2006 vol. 20 pp. 623-625
Implementing the recovery programme for the Yangtze River dolphin Samuel T. Turvey, Leigh A. Barrett, Gillian Tracey Braulik, Wang Ding
Oryx 2006 vol. 40 pp. 257-258
Status assessment of the Indus River dolphin, Platanista gangetica minor, March-April 2001 Gillian Tracey Braulik
Biological Conservation 2006 vol. 129 pp. 579-590
Notes on two cetacean surveys in the Gulf of Tonkin, Vietnam Brian D. Smith, Gillian Tracey Braulik, Thomas A. Jefferson, Bui Dinh Chung, Chu Tien Vinh, Doan Van Du, Bach Van Hanh, Pham Dinh Trong, Dao Tan Ho, Vo Van Quang
Raffles Bulletin of Zoology 2003 vol. 51 pp. 165-171
Status of the Ganges river dolphin or shushuk Platanista gangetica in Kaptai Lake and the southern rivers of Bangladesh Barbara Mary Smith, B. Ahmed, M. E. Ali, Gillian Tracey Braulik
Oryx 2001 vol. 35 pp. 61-72

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