Dr James Thorburn

Dr James Thorburn
Research Fellow


I've been working with elasmobranchs in Scottish waters for the last 10 years. My main research interests focus around using various tagging technologies to investigate the spatial ecology of these animals and how this data can be integrated with other disciplines, such as genetics, to better understand how management measures, especially Marine Protected Areas, can be used towards their conservation.

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The critically endangered flapper skate (Dipturus intermedius) Amy Garbett, Natasha D. Phillips, Jonathan D.R. Houghton, Paulo Prodöhl, James A. Thorburn, Sophie L. Loca, Lawrence E. Eagling, Gary Hannon, Daniel Wise, Liz Pothanikat, Cat Gordon, Maurice Clarke, Peter Williams, Rebecca Hunter, Ronan McShane, Aafke Brader, Jane Dodd, Chris McGonigle, Heidi McIlvenny, Olivia Daly, Ronald Surgenor, Sarah Varian, Peter Verhoog, Gijs Van Zonneveld, Lylian R. Burke, Ian Davies, Terri A. Souster, Paul A. Mayo, Tanja N. Schwanck, Catherine S. Jones, Patrick C. Collins
Marine Policy 2021 vol. 124
Ontogenetic variation in movements and depth use, and evidence of partial migration in a benthopelagic elasmobranch James A. Thorburn, Francis Neat, Ian Burrett, Lea-Anne Henry, Cath S. Jones, Les R. Noble
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 2019 vol. 7

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School of Biology
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