Prof Michael Fedak

Prof Michael Fedak


Member: NERC Sea Mammal Research Unit
Society of Marine Mammalogy
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50 (of 143 published available) for maf3 (source: University of St Andrews PURE)
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Animal-Borne Telemetry Rob Harcourt, Ana Micaela Martins Sequeira, Xuelei Zhang, Fabien Rouquet, Kosei Komatsu, Michelle Heupel, Clive R. McMahon, Frederick G. Whoriskey, Mark Meekan, Gemma Carroll, Stephanie Brodie, Colin Simpfendorfer, Mark A. Hindell, Ian D. Jonsen, Daniel P. Costa, Barbara A. Block, Monica M. Muelbert, Bill E. Woodward, Michael J. Weises, Kim Aarestrup, Martin Biuw, Lars Boehme, Steven J. Bograd, Dorian Cazau, Jean-Benoit Charrassin, Steven Cooke, Paul D. Cowley, P.J. Nico De Bruyn, Tiphaine Jeanniard Du Dot, Carlos M. Duarte, Victor M. EguÍluz, Luciana Ferreira, Juan Fernández-Garcia, Kim Goetz, Yusuke Goto, Christophe Guinet, Mike Hammill, Graeme C. Hayes, Elliot Hazen, Luis Huckstadt, Charlie Huveneers, Sara Iverson, Saifullah A. Jaaman, Kongkiat Kittiwattanawong, Kit Kovacs, Christian Lydersen, Tim Moltmann, Masaru Naruoka, Baptiste Picard, Nuno Queiroz, Gilles Reverdin, Katsufumi Sato, David W. Sims, Eva B. Thorstad, Michele Thums, Anne M. Treasure, Andrew Trites, Guy D. Williams, Yoshinari Yonehara, Mike Fedak
Frontiers in Marine Science
Aquatic behaviour of polar bears (Ursus maritimus) in an increasingly ice-free Arctic Karen Lone, Kit M. Kovacs, Christian Lydersen, Mike Fedak, Magnus Andersen, Philip Lovell, Jon Aars
Scientific Reports 2018 vol.8
Sex-related differences in the postmolt distribution of Weddell seals (Leptonychotes weddellii) in the southern Weddell Sea Izzy Langley, Mike Fedak, Keith Nicholls, Lars Boehme
Marine Mammal Science 2018 vol.34 pp.403-419
Variation in the distribution and properties of Circumpolar Deep Water in the eastern Amundsen Sea, on seasonal timescales, using seal-borne tags Helen Mallett, Lars Boehme, Mike Fedak, Karen Heywood, David Stevens, Fabien Roquet
Geophysical Research Letters vol.Early View
Hooded seal Cystophora cristata foraging areas in the Northeast Atlantic Ocean— investigated using three complementary methods Jade Vacquie-Garcia, Christian Lydersen, Martin Biuw, Tore Haug, Mike Fedak, Kit Kovacs
PLoS One 2017 vol.12
In-situ observations using tagged animals Fabien Roquet, Lars Boehme, Marthan Bester, Horst Bornemann, Sophie Brasseur, Jean-Benoit Charrassin, Daniel Costa, Mike Fedak, Christophe Guinet, Ailsa Jane Hall, Robert Harcourt, Mark Hindell, Kit M. Kovacs, Mary-Anne Lea, Philip Lovell, Andrew Lowther, Christian Lydersen, Clive McMahon, Baptiste Picard, Gilles Reverdin, Cécile Vincent
Marine mammals exploring the oceans pole to pole Anne Treasure, Fabien Roquet, Isabelle J. Ansorge, Marthán N. Bester, Lars Boehme, Horst Bornemann, Jean-Benoit Charrassin, Damien Chevallier, Daniel P. Costa, Mike Fedak, Christophe Guinet, Mike O. Hammill, Robert G. Harcourt, Mark A. Hindell, Kit M. Kovacs, Mary-Anne Lea, Philip Lovell, Andrew D. Lowther, Christian Lydersen, Trevor McIntyre, Clive R. McMahon, Mônica M.C. Muelbert, Keith Nicholls, Baptiste Picard, Gilles Reverdin, Andrew W. Trites, Guy D. Williams, P.J. Nico de Bruyn
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Ocean observations using tagged animals Fabien Roquet, Lars Boehme, Barbara Block, Jean Benoit Charrasin, Daniel Costa, Christophe Guinet, Robert G. Harcourt, Mark A. Hindell, Luis A. Hückstädt, Clive R. McMahon, Bill Woodward, Mike Fedak
Oceanography 2017 vol.30 pp.139-139
Between the devil and the deep blue sea Karen Heywood, Louise Biddle, Lars Boehme, Pierre Dutrieux, Mike Fedak, Adrian Jenkins, Richard W. Jones, Jan Kaiser, Helen Mallett, Alberto C. Naveira Garabato, Ian A. Renfrew, David P. Stevens, Benjamin G.M. Webber
Oceanography 2016 vol.29 pp.118-129
Bimodal winter haul-out patterns of adult Weddell seals (Leptonychotes weddellii) in the southern Weddell Sea Lars Boehme, Amy Baker, Mike Fedak, Marius Arthun, Keith Nicholls, Patrick Robinson, Dan Costa, Martin Biuw, Theoni Photopoulou
PLoS One 2016 vol.11
Circumpolar habitat use in the southern elephant seal: implications for foraging success and population trajectories Mark Hindell, Clive McMahon, Marthan Bester, Lars Boehme, Daniel Costa, Mike Fedak, Christophe Guinet, Laura Herraiz-Borreguero, Robert G. Harcourt, Luis Huckstadt, Kit M. Kovacs, Christian Lydersen, Trevor McInytre, Monica Muelbert, Fabien Roquet, Guy Williams, Jean-Benoit Charrassin
Ecosphere 2016 vol.7 pp.1-27
Foraging behaviour and prey consumption by grey seals (Halichoerus grypus)-spatial and trophic overlaps with fisheries in a marine protected area Cecile Vincent, Vincent Ridoux, Mike Fedak, Bernie J McConnell, Carol Elizabeth Sparling, Jean Pierre Leaute, Joffrey Jouma'a, Jerome Spitz
ICES Journal of Marine Science 2016 vol.73 pp.2653-2665
Bimodal winter haul-out patterns of Weddell seals in the southern Weddell Sea. Lars Boehme, Amy Baker, Mike Fedak, Dan Costa, Theoni Photopoulou
Efficient abstracting of dive profiles using a broken-stick model Theoni Photopoulou, Philip Lovell, Mike Fedak, Len Thomas, Jason Matthiopoulos
Methods in Ecology and Evolution 2015 vol.6 pp.278-288
Fishing for drifts Mike Fedak, Lars Boehme
Journal of Experimental Biology 2015 vol.218 pp.3816-3824
The Argos-CLS Kalman filter A.D. Lowther, C. Lydersen, Mike Fedak, Philip Lovell, K.M. Kovacs
PLoS One 2015 vol.10
The generalized data management and collection protocol for Conductivity-Temperature-Depth Satellite Relay Data Loggers Theoni Photopoulou, Mike Fedak, Jason Matthiopoulos, Bernie J McConnell, Philip Lovell
Animal Biotelemetry 2015 vol.3
A Southern Indian Ocean database of hydrographic profiles obtained with instrumented elephant seals Fabien Roquet, Guy Williams, Mark A. Hindell, Rob Harcourt, Clive McMahon, Christophe Guinet, Jean-Benoit Charrassin, Gilles Reverdin, Lars Boehme, Philip Lovell, Mike Fedak
Scientific Data 2014 vol.1
Seasonal water mass properties in the Amundsen Sea, Antarctica, from seal-borne tags Helen Mallett, Karen Heywood, Mike Fedak, Lars Boehme
Spatial variation in maximum dive depth in gray seals in relation to foraging. Theoni Photopoulou, Mike Fedak, Len Thomas, Jason Matthiopoulos
Marine Mammal Science 2014 vol.30 pp.923–938
Estimates of the Southern Ocean general circulation improved by animal-borne instruments F Roquet, C Wunsch, G Forget, P Heimbach, C Guinet, G Reverdin, J-B Charrassin, F Bailleul, D P Costa, L A Huckstadt, K T Goetz, K M Kovacs, C Lydersen, M Biuw, O A Nøst, H Bornemann, J Ploetz, M N Bester, T McIntyre, M C Muelbert, M Hindell, C R McMahon, G Williams, R Harcourt, I Field, L Chafik, K W Nicholls, Lars Boehme, Mike Fedak
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Seasonal hydrography on the southern Weddell Sea continental shelf using seal tags Marius Arthun, Keith W. Nicholls, Keith Makinson, Mike Fedak, Lars Boehme
The impact of animal platforms on polar ocean observation Mike Fedak
Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography 2013 vol.88-89 pp.7-13
The role of glucocorticoids in naturally fasting grey seal (Halichoerus grypus) pups Mike Fedak, Simon E W Moss, Patrick Pomeroy, John R Speakman, Ailsa Jane Hall
Journal of Experimental Biology 2013 vol.216 pp.984-991
Animal-borne sensors Lars Boehme, Mike Fedak
2012 pp.38-40
Effects of sex and handling regime on changes in body mass, composition, cortisol and thyroid hormones in suckling and fasting grey seal pups Simon Moss, Patrick Pomeroy, John Speakman, Mike Fedak
Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology 2012 vol.161 pp.69-76
Refining instrument attachment on phocid seals Iain Field, Robert Harcourt, Lars Boehme, Nico de Bruyn, Jean-Benoit Charrassin, Clive McMahon, Marthán Bester, Mike Fedak, Mark Hindell
Marine Mammal Science 2012 vol.28 pp.E325–E332
Responses of Antarctic pack-ice seals to environmental change and increasing krill fishing J Forcada, P.N. Trathan, P.L. Boveng, Ian Boyd, J.M. Burns, D.P. Costa, Mike Fedak, T.L. Rogers, C.M. Southwell
Biological Conservation 2012 vol.149 pp.40-50
Seasonal inflow of warm water onto the southern Weddell Sea continental shelf, Antarctica Marius Arthun, Keith Nicholls, Keith Makinson, Mike Fedak, Lars Boehme
Geophysical Research Letters 2012 vol.39
Sink fast and swim harder! Round-trip cost-of-transport for buoyant divers Patrick Miller, Martin Biuw, Yuuki Y. Watanabe, David Thompson, Mike Fedak
Journal of Experimental Biology 2012 vol.215 pp.3622-3630
Delayed-mode calibration of hydrographic data obtained from animal-borne satellite-relay data loggers Fabien Roquet, Jean-Benoit Charrassin, Stephane Marchand, Lars Boehme, Mike Fedak, Gilles Reverdin, Christophe Guinet
Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology 2011 vol.28 pp.787–801
Northern elephant seals adjust gliding and stroking patterns with changes in buoyancy Kagari Aoki, Yuuki Y. Watanabe, Daniel E. Crocker, Patrick W. Robinson, Martin Biuw, Daniel P. Costa, Nobuyuki Miyazaki, Mike Fedak, Patrick Miller
Journal of Experimental Biology 2011 vol.214 pp.2973-2987
Seasonal evolution of the upper-ocean adjacent to the South Orkney Islands, Southern Ocean: Results from a "lazy biological mooring" Michael P. Meredith, Keith W. Nicholls, Ian A. Renfrew, Lars Boehme, Martin Biuw, Mike Fedak
Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography 2011 vol.58 pp.1569-1579
Approaches to Studying Climatic Change and its Role on the Habitat Selection of Antarctic Pinnipeds Daniel P. Costa, Luis A. Huckstadt, Daniel E. Crocker, Birgitte I. McDonald, Michael E. Goebel, Mike Fedak
Integrative and Comparative Biology 2010 vol.50 pp.1018-1030
Biologging in the global ocean observing system Lars Boehme, Mike Fedak, ~Missing Data and 21 co-authors, J Hall, D E Harrison, D Stammer
Climate Change and Habitat Selection of Seals in the Western Antarctic Peninsula D. P. Costa, D. E. Crocker, M. E. Goebel, Mike Fedak, B. Mcdonald, L. A. Huckstadt
Integrative and Comparative Biology 2010 vol.50 pp.E34-E34
Effects of Age and Body Mass on Development of Diving Capabilities of Gray Seal Pups Bernie J McConnell, Simon E.W. Moss, J.R. Speakman, Patrick Pomeroy, Mike Fedak
Physiological and Biochemical Zoology 2010 vol.83 pp.911-923
Telemetry Bernie J McConnell, Mike Fedak, Sascha Kate Hooker, Toby Patterson
2010 pp.222-241
Using GPS data to evaluate the accuracy of state-space methods for correction of Argos satellite telemetry error Toby A. Patterson, Bernie J McConnell, Mike Fedak, Mark V. Bravington, Mark A. Hindell
Ecology 2010 vol.91 pp.273-285
In situ blood oxygen analysis for a truly free-living deep-diving animal. Focus on "Extreme hypoxemic tolerance and blood oxygen depletion in diving elephant seals" Mike Fedak
American Journal of Physiology. Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology 2009 vol.297 pp.R925-R926
An investigation of interpolation errors in animal tracks using GPS data from a grey seal (Halichoerus grypus). Mike Lonergan, Mike Fedak, Bernie J McConnell
Marine Mammal Science 2009 vol.25 pp.275-282
Deep into the ice: over-wintering and habitat selection in male Atlantic walruses C Freitas, KM Kovacs, R A Ims, Mike Fedak, C Lydersen
Marine Ecology Progress Series 2009 vol.375 pp.247-261
Reproductive Behavior Mike Fedak, Ben Wilson, Patrick Pomeroy
2009 pp.943-955
Reproductive behaviour Mike Fedak, Ben Wilson, Patrick Pomeroy
Technical Note: Animal-borne CTD-Satellite Relay Data Loggers for real-time oceanographic data collection Lars Boehme, Philip Lovell, Martin Biuw, F. Roquet, J. Nicholson, S. E. Thorpe, M. P. Meredith, Mike Fedak
Ocean Science 2009 vol.5 pp.685-695
A simple new algorithm to filter marine mammal Argos locations Carla Freitas, Christian Lydersen, Mike Fedak, Kit M. Kovacs
Marine Mammal Science 2008 vol.24 pp.315-325
A simple new algorithm to filter marine mammal Argos locations (vol 24, pg 315, 2008) Carla Freitas, Christian Lydersen, Mike Fedak, Kit M. Kovacs
Marine Mammal Science 2008 vol.24 pp.747-747
Animals as Exploratory Underwater Vehicles Lars Boehme, M Biuw, Mike Fedak, K Nicholls, S Thorpe, M Meredith
2008 pp.55-62
Antarctic Circumpolar Current frontal system in the South Atlantic: Monitoring using merged Argo and animal-borne sensor data Lars Boehme, M. P. Meredith, S. E. Thorpe, Martin Biuw, Mike Fedak
Journal of Geophysical Research - Oceans 2008 vol.113 pp.C09012

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