Dr Rebecca Kinnear (ne Aspden)

Dr Rebecca Kinnear (ne Aspden)
SOTEAG Executive Officer


General Information

My role is to manage the Shetland Oil Terminal Environmental Advisory Group.

For more than three decades, SOTEAG has continued to look after the interests of the environment around Shetland’s Sullom Voe Terminal and Port. It is recognised globally as a pioneering, world-class model of integrated coastal management based on its independent scientific monitoring and expert advice.

Today, SOTEAG’s role remains both relevant and essential – not only to assure the preservation of Sheltand’s natural heritage, but also to share with the rest of the world its experience of environmentally responsible industrial activity in a distinctive cultural setting and sensitive natural environment.

Please browse our website to find out more about SOTEAG and the crucial monitoring work that is carried out:


Previously I was PDRA and Laboratory Manager for SERG. I have a PhD in Marine Ecology from the University St Andrews and a BSc in Coastal and Marine Ecology from the University Plymouth. During august 2000 I carried out an internship at the Alfred Wegner Institute in Sylt, Germany, studying the effects of a tube building polycheate reef on the sediment and faunal diversities within and surrounding it.
I worked for a marine and freshwater consultancy agency (Unicomarine Ltd) prior to joining SERG. During this time I was involved in the identification of invertebrate fauna found within samples taken for various projects. These contracts were undertaken for many different reasons including port development and dredging, coastal protection, fishery studies, and habitat surveys.

Publication record

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Recent publications

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2018 (24/7)
Global Ecology and Biogeography
vol.27 pp.760-786
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2016 (19/2)
Geophysical Research Letters
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Sticky stuff
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2006 (12)
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Making water flow: a comparison of the hydrodynamic characteristics of 12 different benthic biological flumes
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Salt Marsh Microbial Ecology: Microbes, Benthic Mats and Sediments Movement.
Rebecca Jane Kinnear, Suzanne Vardy, David Maxwell Paterson 
Cambridge Publications

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