Mr Steve Smart

Mr Steve Smart
Information Designer


I perform a wide variety of functions within the School of Medicine and the School of Biology at St Andrews University, and provide design and media production support to a number of other websites and science communication projects.

My primary role is focussed on web, video and interactive media and design and production. I am also involved in graphic design for print. I am further associated with IT support staff involved with network support, design and management of a number of websites and network resources. I also deliver some media related staff training, and media teaching for undergraduates and postgraduates.

Skill-set overview:

Skill Area Details

Graphic Design

2D layout and design for print and screen.
InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop.


Studio and ambient lit stills photography. Digital image manipulation.
Photoshop, Lightroom, Aperture.

Video Production

Scriptwriting, Small Crew Direction, Editing, Lighting, Camera operation, Sound recording. Animation. Graphics. Final Cut X, Motion

Web Design

Page development and layout, site structure, graphic design, UI design, dynamic content and database applications. Wordpress Theme authoring and customisation. HTML, CSS, see also programming.


VB.NET, PHP, Javascript.
Wordpress plug-in authoring (PHP).
Database applications (MS SQL)


Course development and teaching: video production training. Ad hoc training on various topics (eg Wordpress for Editors, Authoring with Storyline).

Interactive design

Writing, structuring, implementation. For online, offline and exhibition products: Articulate Storyline.
Also non-screen based interactive design.


Scriptwriting for factual/promotional screenplays.
'Plain English' writing for web and print.

Information Design

Content selection, prioritisation, editing and structuring, designing effective media vehicles for communicating ideas and information.


Occasional voiceover recording.

Exhibit Design

Many of the above skills areas in various combinations, also coordinating construction & production with service providers and subcontractors.

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