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Since my licence back in France I have been interested in the deglaciation pattern of a major ice sheet that covered the European continent some 20 000 years ago. It was during my maîtrise and then during my PhD that I acquired the tools necessary to build direct deglaciation chronologies that are essential for our understanding of the ice-climate interaction. Since then I have broadened my geographical and field interests. My current research takes me to places such as Skye, Greenland, Ukraine, Germany, Poland, Russia, and Spain where I continue to build chronologies of ice retreat to understand the possible mechanisms responsible for these retreats. Applications of surface exposure dating are diverse and I am developing research in paleolake shoreline reconstructions as well as erosion rate quantification at the watershed scale.



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Atmospheric drying as the main driver of dramatic glacier wastage in the southern Indian Ocean V. Favier, D. Verfaillie, E. Berthier, M. Menegoz, V. Jomelli, J. E. Kay, L. Ducret, Y. Malbéteau, D Brunstein, H. Gallée, Y-H Park, Vincent Rinterknecht
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Implications of 36Cl exposure ages from Skye, northwest Scotland for the timing of ice stream deglaciation and deglacial ice dynamics Vincent Rinterknecht, William Austin, C. Richard Bates, Doug I Benn, james scourse, Didier Bourles, Fiona Danielle Hibbert,
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Esrte Ergebnisse von Oberflächenexpositionsdatierungen an glazialen Großgeschieben durch in-situ gebildetes kosmogenes Beryllium-10 in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Nordostdeutschland) Andreas Börner, Vincent Rinterknecht, Régis Braucher, Didier Bourlès
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Quaternary Science Reviews 2004 vol. 23 pp. 2283-2289

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