Mr Xinghu Qin
Postgraduate Student


source: symbiosis


Research Overview:

  My recent research focuses on machine learning in genetics and beyond (Omics). Specifically, in St Andrews Gaggiotti lab, my work mainly covers two aspects in ecology and evolution.

➢ Interpretation of Eco-evolutionary Feedback: Linking Environment, Genetic Diversity and Species Diversity Using Machine Learning Approach.

➢ Statistics, Machine Learning and Deep Learning for Population Genetic Inference




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Farmer's behavior in pesticide use Md. Panna Ali, Mir Md. Moniruzzaman Kabir, Sheikh Shamiul Haque, Xinghu Qin, Sultana Nasrin, Douglas Landis, Björn Holmquist, Nur Ahmed
Science of the Total Environment 2020 vol. 747
Surrounding landscape influences the abundance of insect predators in rice field M. P. Ali, M. M. M. Kabir, S. Afrin, N. Ahmed, Barry Pittendrigh, Xinghu Qin
BMC Zoology 2020 vol. 5
Plant composition changes in a small-scale community have a large effect on the performance of an economically important grassland pest Xinghu Qin, Huihui Wu, Xunbing Huang, T. Ryan Lock, Robert L. Kallenbach, Jingchuan Ma, Md. Panna Ali, Xiongbing Tu, Guangchun Cao, Guangjun Wang, Xiangqun Nong, Mark R. McNeill, Zehua Zhang
BMC Ecology 2019 vol. 19
Biological and ecological evidences suggest Stipa krylovii (Pooideae), contributes to optimal growth performance and population distribution of the grasshopper Oedaleus asiaticus Xunbing Huang, Mark McNeill, Jingchuan Ma, Xinghu Qin, Xiongbing Tu, Guangchun Cao, Guangjuan Wang, Xiangqun Nong, Zehua Zhang
Bulletin of Entomological Research 2017 vol. 107 pp. 401-409
Biology, physiology and gene expression of grasshopper Oedaleus asiaticus exposed to diet stress from plant secondary compounds Xunbing Huang, Jingchuan Ma, Xinghu Qin, Xiongbing Tu, Guangchun Cao, Guangjun Wang, Xiangqun Nong, Zehua Zhang
Scientific Reports 2017 vol. 7
Gut transcriptome analysis shows different food utilization efficiency by the grasshopper Oedaleous asiaticus (Orthoptera: Acrididae) Xunbing Huang, Mark Richard McNeill, Jingchuan Ma, Xinghu Qin, Xiongbing Tu, Guangchun Cao, Guangjun Wang, Xiangqun Nong, Zehua Zhang
Journal of Economic Entomology 2017 vol. 110 pp. 1831-1840
Large manipulative experiments revealed variations of insect abundance and trophic levels in response to the cumulative effects of sheep grazing Jingchuan Ma, Xunbing Huang, Xinghu Qin, Yong Ding, Jun Hong, Guilin Du, Xinyi Li, Wenyuan Gao, Zhuoran Zhang, Guangjun Wang, Ning Wang, Zehua Zhang
Scientific Reports 2017 vol. 7
Molecular ecological basis of grasshopper (Oedaleus asiaticus) phenotypic plasticity under environmental selection Xinghu Qin, Kun Hao, Jingchuan Ma, Xunbing Huang, Xiongbing Tu, Md. Panna Ali, Barry R. Pittendrigh, Guangchun Cao, Guangjun Wang, Xiangqun Nong, Douglas W. Whitman, Zehua Zhang
Frontiers in Physiology 2017 vol. 8
Population dynamics and transcriptomic responses of Chorthippus albonemus (Orthoptera: Acrididae) to herbivore grazing intensity Xinghu Qin, Jingchuan Ma, Xunbing Huang, Robert L Kallenbach, T Ryan Lock, Md Ali, Zehua Zhang
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 2017 vol. 5
Quantitative analysis of diet structure by real-time PCR, reveals different feeding patterns by two dominant grasshopper species Xunbing Huang, Huihui Wu, Mark Richard McNeill, Xinghu Qin, Jingchuan Ma, Xiongbing Tu, Guangchun Cao, Guangjun Wang, Xiangqun Nong, Zehua Zhang
Scientific Reports 2016 vol. 6
Community structure and ecological niche of grasshopper in typical steppes in Inner Mongolia Xinghu Qin, W. U. Hui-Hui, Xunbing Huang, Guang Jun Wang, Guang Chun Cao, Xiang Qun Nong, Zehua Zhang
Plant Protection 2015 vol. 41 pp. 17
Comprehensive evaluation and risk assessment of grasshoppers' habitat based on a projection pursuit model Xun Bing Huang, W. U. Hui-Hui, Xinghu Qin, Guang Chun Cao, Guang Jun Wang, Xiang Qun Nong, T. U. Xiong-Bing, Gexigeduren [No Value], H. E. Bing, Eerdengbatu [No Value]
Acta Prataculturae Sinica 2015
Application of Hyperspectral Remote Sensing in the Biomass Monitor of Two Grassland Types in Xilinhot Feng Jie Zhao, W. U. Hui-Hui, Zhao Yang Liu, Xinghu Qin, Guang Jun Wang, Ze Hua Zhang
Acta Agrestia Sinica 2013 vol. 21 pp. 1059-1064

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Mr Xinghu Qin
Bute Building
University of St Andrews
St Andrews
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room: E44


School of Biology
Scottish Oceans Institute

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