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150,000-year palaeoclimate record from northern Ethiopia supports early, multiple dispersals of modern humans from Africa Henry Lamb, C. Richard Bates, Charlotte Bryant, Sarah Davies, Dei Huws, Mike Marshall, Helen Roberts

Differential gene expression is not required for facultative sex allocation Nicola Cook, J. Green, U. Trivedi, E. Tauber, B.A. Pannebakker, Michael Gordon Ritchie, David Michael Shuker
Individual, ecological, and anthropogenic influences on activity budgets of long-finned pilot whales Saana Isojunno, Dinara Sadykova, Stacy Lynn De Ruiter, Charlotte Curé, Fleur Visser, Len Thomas, Patrick Miller, Catriona M Harris
Scotland's forgotten carbon Craig Smeaton, William Austin, Althea Davies, Agnes Baltzer, John Howe, John M. Baxter
Sex allocation and the evolution of insemination capacity under local mate competition V. Martel, David Michael Shuker, D. Damiens, G. Boivin
The genetic diversity, phylogeography and morphology of Elphidiidae (Foraminifera) in the Northeast Atlantic Kate Darling, Magali Schweizer, Karen-Luise Knudsen, Katharine M. Evans, Clare Bird, Helena L. Filipsson, Jung-Hyun Kim, Gudmundur Gudmundsson, Christopher M. Wade, Martin D. J. Sayer, William Austin
Beyond sex allocation Laura A. Collins, David Michael Shuker
DNA methylation and sex allocation in the parasitoid wasp Nasonia vitripennis Nicola Cook, Bart Pannebakker, Eran Tauber, David Michael Shuker
From species to communities Amy Elizabeth Deacon, Hideyasu Shimadzu, Maria Dornelas, Indar W. Ramnarine, Anne Magurran
Oviposition but not sex allocation is associated with transcriptomic changes in females of the parasitoid wasp Nasonia vitripennis Nicola Cook, Urmi Trivedi, Bart A. Pannebakker, Mark Blaxter, Michael Gordon Ritchie, Eran Tauber, Tanya Sneddon, David Michael Shuker
Sex allocation theory reveals a hidden cost of neonicotinoid exposure in a parasitoid wasp Penelope R. Whitehorn, Nicola Cook, Charlotte V. Blackburn, Sophie M. Gill, Jade Green, David Michael Shuker
Sperm whale response to tag boat presence Saana Isojunno, Patrick Miller
Evolution David Michael Shuker, Nicola Cook
The transcriptomic basis of oviposition behaviour in the parasitoid wasp Nasonia vitripennis Bart A. Pannebakker, Urmi Trivedi, Mark A. Blaxter, Rebekah Watt, David Michael Shuker
A general discrete-time modeling framework for animal movement using multistate random walks Brett Thomas McClintock, Ruth King, Len Thomas, Jason Matthiopoulos, Bernie J McConnell, Juan Morales
The quantitative genetic basis of sex ratio variation in Nasonia vitripennis B. A. Pannebakker, R. Watt, S. A. Knott, S. A. West, David Michael Shuker
The scaling of diving time budgets PA Stephens, C Carbone, Ian Boyd, J M McNamara, K C Harding, A I Houston


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