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Making use of the social network in conservation genomics Emma Louise Carroll, Oscar Eduardo Gaggiotti
Non-stationary Gaussian models with physical barriers Haakon Bakka, Jarno Vanhatalo, Janine Baerbel Illian, Daniel Simpson, Haavard Rue

Spring migration strategies of Whinchat Saxicola rubetra when successfully crossing potential barriers of the Sahara and the Mediterranean Sea Malcolm Burgess, Ben Freeman, Alice Risely, Arin Izang, Sam Ivande, Chris Hewson, Will Cresswell

Low tortoise abundances in pine forest plantations in forest-shrubland transition areas Roberto C. Rodríguez-Caro, Cornelia Sabrina Oedekoven, Eva Graciá, José D. Anadón, Stephen Terrence Buckland, Miguel A. Esteve-Selma, Julia Martinez, Andrés Giménez
Review of analytical approaches for identifying usage and foraging areas at sea for harbour seals Esther Lane Jones, Sophie Caroline Smout, Debbie JF Russell, Eunice Pinn, Bernie J McConnell
Spectral changes and wavelength dependent thermoluminescence of rare earth ions after X-ray irradiation P. D. Townsend, Adrian Anthony Finch, M. Maghrabi, V. Ramachandran, G. V. Vázquez, Y. Wang, D. R. White
Current plant speciation research Clemont Lafon-Placette, Mario Vallejo-Marin, Christian Parisod, Richard John Abbott, Claudia Kohler
Altitudinal gradients, plant hybrid zones and evolutionary novelty. Richard John Abbott, Adrian Christopher Brennan
Hybridization and speciation Richard John Abbott, D Albach, S Ansell, J W Arntzen, S J E Baird, N Bierne, J Boughman, A Brelsford, C A Buerkle, R Buggs, R K Butlin, U Diekmann, F Eroukhmanoff, A Grill, S Helms Cahan, J S Hermansen, G Hewitt, A G Hudson, C Jiggins, J Jones, B Keller, T Maczewski, J Mallet, P Martinez-Rodriguez, M Most, S Mullen, R Nichols, A W Nolte, C Parisod, K Pfennig, A M Rice, Michael Gordon Ritchie, B Seifert, C M Smadja, R Stelkens, J M Szymura, R Vainola, J B W Wolf, D Zinner


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