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The effect of cyclic variation of shear stress on non-cohesive sediment stabilization by microbial biofilms Xindi Chen, Changkuan Zhang, David Maxwell Paterson, Ian H. Townend, Chuang Jin, Zeng Zhou, Zheng Gong, Qian Feng
New insights into MagPI: a promising tool to determine the adhesive capacity of biofilm on the mesoscale Sabine Ulrike Gerbersdorf, Silke Wieprecht, Moritz Thom, David Maxwell Paterson, Marc Scheffler

Stabilizing effects of bacterial biofilms X. D. Chen, C. K. Zhang, Z. Zhou, Z. Gong, J. J. Zhou, J. F. Tao, David Maxwell Paterson, Q. Feng
The pervasive role of biological cohesion in bedform development Jonathan Malarkey, Jaco Baas, Rebecca Jane Kinnear, Daniel R. Parsons, Jeff Peakall, David Maxwell Paterson, Robert Schindler, Leiping Ye, Ian D. Lichtman, Sarah J. Bass, Alan G. Davies, Andrews J. Manning, Peter D. Thorne
Ecology of intertidal microbial biofilms Carl Van Colen, Graham Underwood, Joao Serodio, David Maxwell Paterson
Proliferation of purple sulphur bacteria at the sediment surface affects intertidal mat diversity and functionality Cedric Roger Rene Hubas, Bruno Jesus, Mickael Ruivo, Tarik Meziane, Najet Thiney, Dominique Davoult, Nicolas Spilmont, David Maxwell Paterson, Christian Jeanthon
Impairment of the bacterial biofilm stability by triclosan Sabine Ulrike Gerbersdorf, Cedric Roger Rene Hubas, Sebastian Behrens, Francesco Ricciardi, David Maxwell Paterson
The stabilisation potential of individual and mixed assemblages of natural bacteria and microalgae Cedric Roger Rene Hubas, Melanie Chocholek, Fredrik Larson, Werner Manz, David Maxwell Paterson, Sabine Ulrike Gerbersdorf


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