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2018 (12)
Perspectives in Ecology and Conservation
vol.16 pp.186-192
Simulating shifts in taxonomic and functional β-diversity of ray-finned fishes
Anderson Aires Eduardo, Faye Helen Moyes, Pablo Ariel Martinez, Anne Magurran, Sidney F. Gouveia 
Keywords: Actinopterygii, Biodiversity loss, Functional diversity, Nestedness, Turnover
2017 (6)
Molecular Ecology
vol.26 pp.3037-3049
Chasing ghosts
Xin Luo, Quanjun Hu, Pingping Zhou, Dan Zhang, Qian Wang, Richard John Abbott, Jianquan Liu 
Keywords: Oxyria, Allopolyploid speciation, Ghost species, GISH, Transcriptome, Demographic history
2017 (12/10)
Conservation Letters
vol.10 pp.588-595
Extinction is imminent for Mexico’s endemic porpoise unless fishery bycatch is eliminated
Barbara L Taylor, Lorenzo Rojas-Bracho, Jeffrey Moore, Armando Jaramillo-Legorreta, Jay M Ver Hoef, Gustavo Cardenas-Hinojosa, Edwyna Nieto-Garcia, Jay Barlow, Tim Gerrodette, Nicholas Tregenza, Len Thomas, Philip Steven Hammond 
Keywords: Extinction, Illegal fishing, Line transect, Phocoena sinus, Totoaba macdonaldi, Vaquita abundance , Passive acoustic monitoring , C-POD
2017 (28/4)
Geophysical Research Letters
vol.44 pp.3841-3848
Global warming and ocean stratification
Manoj Joshi, Roland von Glasow, Robin S. Smith, Charles G. M. Paxton, Amanda C. Maycock, Daniel J. Lunt, Claire Loptson, Paul Markwick 
Keywords: Climate dynamics, Asteroid impact, Meteor impact, Radiative forcing, K-Pg boundary, NeoproterozoicAtmospheric Science
2017 (17/2)
Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems
vol.27 pp.268-281
2017 (4)
vol.6 pp.1-5
The genome sequence of the wisent (Bison bonasus)
Kun Wang, Lizhong Wang, Johannes A. Lenstra, Jianbo Jian, Yongzhi Yang, Quanjun Hu, Deyong Lai, Qiang Qiu, Tao Ma, Zheng Du, Richard John Abbott, Jianquan Liu 
Keywords: Wisent, Bovini tribe, Genome assembly
2016 (22/2)
Journal of Applied Ecology
vol.53 pp.469-478
Quantifying turnover in biodiversity of British breeding birds
Phil Harrison, Joyce Yuan , Stephen Terrence Buckland, Cornelia Sabrina Oedekoven, David Andrew Elston, Mark Brewer, Alison Johnston, James Pierce-Higgins 
Keywords: Biodiversity, Breeding Bird Survey, Climate change, Farmland bird community, Species proportions, Turnover, Woodland bird community
2016 (12/9)
Molecular Ecology
vol.25 pp.4097-4112
Shift of grey seal subspecies boundaries in response to climate, culling and conservation
Katharina Fietz, Anders Galatius, Jonas Teilmann, Rune Dietz, Anne Kristine Frie, Anastasia Klimova, Per J. Palsboll, Lasse F. Jensen, Jefferson Alden Graves, Joseph I. Hoffman, Morten Tange Olsen 
Keywords: admixture, Baltic Sea, Halichoerus grypus, local extinction, recolonization
2015 (2)
Diversity and Distributions
vol.21 pp.211-222
Beyond climate envelopes
Debbie JF Russell, Sarah Wanless, Yvonne Collingham, Barbara Anderson, Colin Beale, James Reid, Brian Huntley, Keith Hamer 
Keywords: Ecological niche modelling, Global warming, Long-term studies, Population monitoring, Space-for-time substitutions, Species distribution model
2015 (7/8)
PLoS One
Green plants in the red
Neil Brummitt, Steven Bachman, Janine Griffiths-Lee, Maiko Lutz, Justin Moat, Aljos Farjon, John Donaldson, Craig Hilton-Taylor, Thomas Robert Meagher, Sara Albuquerque, Elina Aletrari, A. Kei Andrews, Guy Atchison, Elisabeth Baloch, Barbara Barlozzini, Alice Brunazzi, Julia Carretero, Marco Celesti, Helen Chadburn, Eduardo Ciafoni, Chris Cockel, Vanessa Coldwell, Benedetta Concetti, Sara Contu, Vicki Crook, Philippa Dyson, Lauren Gardiner, Nadia Ghanim, Hannah Greene, Alice Groom, Ruth Harker, Della Hopkins, Sonia Khela, Poppy Lakeman-Fraser, Heather Lindon, Helen Lockwood, Christine Loftu, Debora Lombrici, Lucia Lopez-Poveda, James Lyon, Patricia Malcolm-Tompkins, Kirsty McGregor, Laura Moreno, Linda Murray, Keara Nazar, Eimear Nic Lughadha 
2015 (12)
Methods in Ecology and Evolution
vol.6 pp.1384-1394
2014 (12)
Global Ecology and Conservation
vol.2 pp.81-87
2014 (16/7)
PLoS One
2010 (7)
Biological Conservation
vol.143 pp.1664-1674

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