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Me against who? Male guppies adjust mating behaviour according to their rival’s presence and attractiveness Inês Órfão, Miguel Maria Borges Da Costa Guint Barbosa, Alfredo Fernandez Ojanguren, Luis Vicente, Susana Varela, Anne Magurran

How pre- and postcopulatory sexual selection influence male mating decisions in a promiscuous species Ines Orfao, Alfredo Fernandez Ojanguren, Miguel Maria Borges Da Costa Guint Barbosa, Luis Vicente, Susana Varela, Anne Magurran
Red operculum spots, body size, maturation and evidence for a satellite male phenotype in non-native European populations of pumpkinseed Lepomis gibbosus Grzegorz Zięba, Carl Smith, Michael G. Fox, Stan Yavno, Eva Záhorská, Mirosław Przybylski, Gérard Masson, Julien Cucherousset, Hugo Verreycken, Hein H. van Kleef, Gordon H. Copp

Sperm is a sexual ornament in rose bitterling Carl Smith, Rowena Grace Alison Spence, Martin Reichard

Postcopulatory sexual selection when a female mates once Leigh W. Simmons, David Michael Shuker
Sex allocation and the evolution of insemination capacity under local mate competition V. Martel, David Michael Shuker, D. Damiens, G. Boivin
Beyond sex allocation Laura A. Collins, David Michael Shuker
Do the benefits of polyandry scale with outbreeding? Sam Auty, David Michael Shuker
The evolutionary roots of creativity Geraint A. Wiggins, Peter Lloyd Tyack, Constance Scharff, Martin Rohrmeier
The extent and costs of reproductive interference among four species of true bug David Michael Shuker, Niall Currie, Tara Hoole,
The niche construction perspective Thomas C. Scott-Phillips, Kevin Neville Laland, David Michael Shuker, Thomas E. Dickins, Stuart A. West
Vocal copying of individually distinctive signature whistles in bottlenose dolphins Laela Sayigh, Randall Wells, Wendi Fellner, Vincent Janik
Female rose bitterling prefer MHC-dissimilar males Martin Reichard, Rowena Grace Alison Spence, Anna Bryjova, Pepa Bryja, Carl Smith
Fitness consequences of female multiple mating Miguel Maria Borges Da Costa Guint Barbosa, Sean R Connolly, Mizue Hisano, Maria Dornelas, Anne Magurran
Multiple differences in calling songs and other traits between solitary and gregarious Mormon crickets from allopatric mtDNA clades Nathan William Bailey, Darryl T. Gwynne, William V. Bailey, Michael Gordon Ritchie
The impact of climatic variation on the opportunity for sexual selection SD Twiss, CJ Thomas, VF Poland, Jefferson Alden Graves, Patrick Pomeroy


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