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2018 (3/7)

2017 (6)

Chasing ghosts
Xin Luo, Quanjun Hu, Pingping Zhou, Dan Zhang, Qian Wang, Richard John Abbott, Jianquan Liu 
Keywords: Oxyria, Allopolyploid speciation, Ghost species, GISH, Transcriptome, Demographic history
2016 (1)

Current plant speciation research
Clemont Lafon-Placette, Mario Vallejo-Marin, Christian Parisod, Richard John Abbott, Claudia Kohler 
Keywords: Biological species concept, Genetic and molecular mechanisms, Next generation sequencing advances, Plant speciation, Reproductive isolation barriers
2016 (8/6)

Genomics of hybridization and its evolutionary consequences
Richard John Abbott, Nicholas H. Barton, Jeffrey M. Good 
2016 (15/10)

2013 (2)

Hybridization and speciation
Richard John Abbott, D Albach, S Ansell, J W Arntzen, S J E Baird, N Bierne, J Boughman, A Brelsford, C A Buerkle, R Buggs, R K Butlin, U Diekmann, F Eroukhmanoff, A Grill, S Helms Cahan, J S Hermansen, G Hewitt, A G Hudson, C Jiggins, J Jones, B Keller, T Maczewski, J Mallet, P Martinez-Rodriguez, M Most, S Mullen, R Nichols, A W Nolte, C Parisod, K Pfennig, A M Rice, Michael Gordon Ritchie, B Seifert, C M Smadja, R Stelkens, J M Szymura, R Vainola, J B W Wolf, D Zinner 
Keywords: Hybrid species, Hybrid zone, Incompatability, Introgression, Reinforcement, Reproductive barrier
2013 (11/6)

Rapidly evolving genes and stress adaptation of two desert poplars, Populus euphratica and P. pruinosa
Jian Zhang, Penghui Xie, Martin Lascoux, Thomas Robert Meagher, Jianquan Liu 
2012 (10/8)

In and out of Madagascar
Joeri S Strijk, Richard D Noyes, Dominique Strasberg, Corinne Cruaud, Frederic Gavory, Mark W Chase, Richard John Abbott, Christophe Thebaud 
Keywords: Ancestral area reconstruction, Biodiversity hotspots, Historical biogeography, Evolutionary diversification, Indian Ocean, Long distance dispersal, Madagascar, Mascarenes, Molecular dating, Speciation


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