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Aeromonas spp. prevalence, virulence and antimicrobial resistance in an ex situ program for threatened freshwater fish – a pilot study with protective measures Miguel L. Grilo, Guadalupe Amaro, Lélia Chambel, Carolina S. Marques, Tiago A. Marques, Fátima Gil, Carlos Sousa-Santos, Joana I. Robalo, Manuela Oliveira
Animals 2022 vol. 12
A Bayesian network structure learning approach to identify genes associated with stress in spleens of chickens Emiliano Ariel Videla Rodriguez, John B. O. Mitchell, V Anne Smith
Scientific Reports 2022 vol. 12
A comparative study of the fecal microbiota of gray seal pups and yearlings - a marine mammal sentinel species Craig A. Watkins, Taylor Gaines, Fiona Strathdee, Eleanor Watson, Ailsa Jane Hall, Andrew Free, Mark P. Dagleish
Microbiology Open 2022 vol. 11
A novel approach to using seabed geomorphology as a predictor of habitat use in highly mobile marine predators Hannah Wyles, Lars Boehme, Debbie JF Russell, Matt Carter
Frontiers in Marine Science 2022
A wastewater-based epidemiology tool for COVID-19 surveillance in Portugal Sílvia Monteiro, Daniela Rente, Mónica V. Cunha, Manuel Carmo Gomes, Tiago A. Marques, Artur B. Lourenço, Eugénia Cardoso, Pedro Álvaro, Marco Silva, Norberta Coelho, João Vilaça, Fátima Meireles, Nuno Brôco, Marta Carvalho, Ricardo Santos
Science of the Total Environment 2022 vol. 804
Bayesian Networks as a novel tool to enhance interpretability and predictive power of ecological models Richard Stafford, Iain McCombe Matthews, V Anne Smith
Ecological Informatics 2022 vol. 68
Beaked whales and state-dependent decision-making Sascha Kate Hooker, Saana Isojunno, Patrick James Miller
Proceedings of the Royal Society B 2022 vol. 289
Behavioral responses to predatory sounds predict sensitivity of cetaceans to anthropogenic noise within a soundscape of fear Patrick James Miller, Saana Isojunno, Frans-Peter A. Lam, Petter H. Kvadsheim, Charlotte Curé
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2022 vol. 119
Breeding behavior Kelly Robinson, Patrick Pomeroy
2022 pp. 229-279
Bringing bioinformatics to schools with the 4273pi project Stevie Bain, Heleen Plaisier, Felicity Anderson, Nicola Cook, Kathryn Crouch, Thomas Robert Meagher, Michael Gordon Ritchie, Edward Wallace, Daniel Barker
PLoS Computational Biology 2022 vol. 18
Bycatch and discards in the artisanal shrimp trawl fishery in Northern Peru Jaime Mendo, Tania Mendo, Patricia Gil-Kodaka, Jimmy Martina, Iván Gómez, Ruggeri Delgado, Jhenifer Fernández, Alejandra Travezaño, Ruggeri Arroyo, Karla Loza, Mark Andrew James
PLoS ONE 2022 vol. 17
Channel crossings and lifesaving Charles G. M. Paxton
Mariner's Mirror 2022 vol. 108 pp. 93-100
Characterization of Population Structure in Northern Bottlenose Whales (Hyperoodon ampullatus) in the North Atlantic from an Analysis of Microsatellite Data Anthony Einfeldt, Laura Joan Feyrer, Ian Paterson, Steven H. Ferguson, Patrick James Miller, Evelien de Greef, Paul Bentzen
Circular vortex arrays in generalised Euler's and quasi-geostrophic dynamics Jean Noel Reinaud
Regular and Chaotic Dynamics 2022 vol. 27 pp. 352–368
Creating a monster Charles G. M. Paxton
Skeptical Inquirer 2022 vol. 46 pp. 46-48
Cross-modal perception of identity by sound and taste in bottlenose dolphins Jason Bruck, Walmsley Sam F., Vincent Janik
Science Advances 2022 vol. 8
Degree correlations in graphs with clique clustering V Anne Smith, John B. O. Mitchell, Simon Andrew Dobson
Physical Review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and soft matter physics 2022 vol. 105
Desafiandola tradición de país harinero Renato Gozzer-Wuest, Juan Carlos Sueiro, Jorge Grillo-Núñez, Santiago De La Puente, Mario Correa, Tania Mendo, Jaime Mendo
Marine and Fishery Sciences (MAFIS) 2022 vol. 35 pp. 255-274
Discrimination and surveillance of infectious severe acute respiratory syndrome Coronavirus 2 in wastewater using cell culture and RT-qPCR Silvia Monteiro, Daniela Rente, Mónica V Cunha, Tiago A. Marques, Eugénia Cardoso, João Vilaça, Norberta Coelho, Nuno Brôco, Marta Carvalho, Ricardo Santos
Science of the Total Environment 2022 vol. 815
Effects of duty cycles on passive acoustic monitoring of southern resident killer whale (Orcinus orca) occurrence and behavior Zoe R. Rand, Jason D. Wood, Julie Nicola Oswald
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 2022 vol. 151 pp. 1651-1660
Effects of seawater pCO2 on the skeletal morphology of massive Porites spp. corals Nicola Allison, Phoebe Ross, Alex Brasier, Nadia Cieminska, Andrews Lopez Martin, Catherine Cole, Chris Hintz, Ken Hintz, Adrian Anthony Finch
Marine Biology 2022 vol. 169
Environmental drivers of population-level variation in the migratory and diving ontogeny of an Arctic top predator James Grecian, Garry B. Stenson, Martin Biuw, Lars Boehme, Lars P. Folkow, Pierre J. Goulet, Ian D. Jonsen, Aleksander Malde, Erling S. Nordøy, Aqqalu Rosing-Asvid, Sophie Caroline Smout
Royal Society Open Science 2022 vol. 9
Estimating Florida manatee (Trichechus manatus latirostris) abundance using passive acoustic methods Athena M. Rycyk, Cora Berchem, Tiago A. Marques
JASA Express Letters 2022 vol. 2
Estimating the abundance of the critically endangered Baltic Proper harbour porpoise (Phocoena phocoena) population using passive acoustic monitoring Mats Amundin, Julia Carlström, Len Thomas, Ida Carlén, Jonas Teilmann, Jakob Tougaard, Olli Loisa, Line A. Kyhn, Signe Sveegaard, M Louise Burt, Iwona Pawliczka, Radomil Koza, Bartlomiej Arciszewski, Anders Galatius, Jussi Laaksonlaita, Jamie Donald John MacAulay, Andrew J. Wright, Anja Gallus, Michael Dähne, Alejandro Acevedo-Gutiérrez, Harald Benke, Jens Koblitz, Nick Tregenza, Daniel Wennerberg, Katharina Brundiers, Monika Kosecka, Cinthia Tiberi Ljungqvist, Ivar Jussi, Martin Jabbusch, Sami Lyytinen, Aleksej Šaškov, Penina Blankett
Ecology and Evolution 2022 vol. 12
Evolutionary diversification of the canonical Wnt signaling effector TCF/LEF in chordates Nuria Torres, Marika Salonna, Stefan Hoppler, David Ellard Keith Ferrier
Development, Growth & Differentiation 2022 vol. 64 pp. 120-137
Global patterns in functional rarity of marine fish Faye Helen Moyes, Anne Magurran
Nature Communications 2022 vol. 13
Ice front retreat reconfigures meltwater-driven gyres modulating ocean heat delivery to an Antarctic ice shelf Seung-Tae Yoon, Won Sang Lee, Sung Hyun Nam, Choon-Ki Lee, Sukyoung Yun, Karen Heywood, Lars Boehme, Yixi Zheng, Inhee Lee, Yeon Choi, Adrian Jenkins, Emilia Jin, Robert Larter, Julia Wellner, Pierre Dutrieux, Alexander Bradley
Nature Communications 2022 vol. 13
Influence of offshore oil and gas structures on seascape ecological connectivity Dianne L. McLean, Luciana C. Ferreira, Jessica A. Benthuysen, Karen J. Miller, Marie-Lise Schläppy, Matthew J. Ajemian, Oliver Berry, Silvana N. R. Birchenough, Todd Bond, Fabio Boschetti, Ann S. Bull, Jeremy T. Claisse, Scott A. Condie, Pierpaolo Consoli, Joop W. P. Coolen, Michael Elliott, Irene Sarah Fortune, Ashley M. Fowler, Bronwyn M. Gillanders, Hugo B. Harrison, Kristen M. Hart, Lea-Anne Henry, Chad L. Hewitt, Natalie Hicks, Karlo Hock, Kieran Hyder, Milton Love, Peter I. Macreadie, Robert J. Miller, William A. Montevecchi, Mary M. Nishimoto, Henry M. Page, David M. Paterson, Charitha B. Pattiaratchi, Gretta T. Pecl, Joanne S. Porter, David B. Reeves, Cynthia Riginos, Sally Rouse, Debbie JF Russell, Craig D. H. Sherman, Jonas Teilmann, Victoria L. G. Todd, Eric A. Treml, David H. Williamson, Michele Thums
Global Change Biology 2022 vol. Early View
Is a little enough? Paucity of immune proteins in serum of precocial neonates of a marine carnivoran—the Atlantic Grey Seal Suzanne McGill, Richard Burchmore, Patrick Pomeroy, Malcolm Kennedy
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 2022 vol. 9
Issues of context, capacity and scale Holly J. Niner, Noel C. Barut, Tom Baum, Daniela Diz, Daniela Laínez del Pozo, Stuart Laing, Alana Malinde S.N. Lancaster, Kirsty A. McQuaid, Tania Mendo, Elisa Morgera, Payal N. Maharaj, Ife Okafor-Yarwood, Kelly Ortega-Cisneros, Tapiwa V. Warikandwa, Sian Rees
Environmental Science and Policy 2022 vol. 130 pp. 25-35
Marine mammal HiCUP Douglas Michael Gillespie, Michael Oswald, Gordon Drummond Hastie, Carol Elizabeth Sparling
Frontiers in Marine Science 2022 vol. 9
Metabolic heat loss in southern elephant seals (Mirounga leonina) differs with stage of moult and between habitats William David Paterson, Laureline L. Chaise, Chris McKnight, John I. Currie, David Thompson, André Ancel, Caroline Gilbert, Dominic J. McCafferty
Journal of Thermal Biology 2022 vol. 104
Multi-decadal environmental change in the Barents Sea recorded by seal teeth Camille de la Vega, Pearse J. Buchanan, Alessandro Tagliabue, Joanne E. Hopkins, Rachel M. Jeffreys, Anne Kirstine Frie, Martin Biuw, Joanna Louise Kershaw, James Grecian, Louisa Norman, Sophie Caroline Smout, Tore Haug, Claire Mahaffey
Global Change Biology 2022 vol. 28 pp. 3054-3065
Multi-species population indices for sets of species including rare, disappearing or newly occurring species Fränzi Korner-Nievergelt, Nicolas Strebel, Stephen Terrence Buckland, Robin Freeman, Richard D. Gregory, Jérôme Guélat, Nick J.B. Isaac, Louise Mc Rae, Tobias Roth, Saskia Schirmer, Leo L. Soldaat, Petr Voříšek, Thomas Sattler
Ecological Indicators 2022 vol. 140
On the spacing of meandering jets in the strong-stair limit Richard Kirkness Scott, Helen Burgess, David Gerard Dritschel
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 2022 vol. 930
Passive acoustic tracking of the three-dimensional movements and acoustic behaviour of toothed whales in close proximity to static nets Jamie Donald John MacAulay, Al Kingston, Alexander James Coram, Michael Oswald, Douglas Michael Gillespie, Simon Northridge
Methods in Ecology and Evolution 2022 vol. 13 pp. 1250-1264
Potential vorticity fronts and the late-time evolution of large-scale quasi-geostrophic flows Helen Burgess, David Gerard Dritschel
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 2022 vol. 939
Quality not quantity Craig Smeaton, William Austin
Geophysical Research Letters 2022 vol. 49
Recovery of SARS-CoV-2 from large volumes of raw wastewater is enhanced with the inuvai R180 system Silvia Monteiro, Daniela Rente, Mónica V Cunha, Tiago A. Marques, Eugénia Cardoso, Pedro Álvaro, João Vilaça, Jorge Ribeiro, Marco Silva, Norberta Coelho, Nuno Brôco, Marta Carvalho, Ricardo Santos
Journal of Environmental Management 2022 vol. 304
Regional patterns of Late Medieval and Early Modern European building activity revealed by felling dates Fredrik Charpentier Ljungqvist, Andrea Seim, Willy Tegel, Paul J. Krusic, Claudia Baittinger, Christelle Belingard, Mauro Bernabei, Niels Bonde, Paul Borghaerts, Yann Couturier, Anne Crone, Sjoerd van Daalen, Aoife Daly, Petra Doeve, Marta Domínguez-Delmás, Jean-Louis Edouard, Thomas Frank, Christian Ginzler, Michael Grabner, Friederike M. Gschwind, Kristof Haneca, Anton Hansson, Franz Herzig, Karl-Uwe Heussner, Jutta Hofmann, David Houbrechts, Ryszard J. Kaczka, Tomáš Kolář, Raymond Kontic, Tomáš Kyncl, Vincent Labbas, Per Lagerås, Yannick Le Digol, Melaine Le Roy, Hanns Hubert Leuschner, Hans Linderson, Francis Ludlow, Axel Marais, Coralie Mary Mills, Mechthild Neyses-Eiden, Kurt Nicolussi, Christophe Perrault, Klaus Pfeifer, Michal Rybníček, Andreas Rzepecki, Martin Schmidhalter, Mathias Seifert, Lisa Shindo, Barbara Spyt, Josué Susperregi, Helene Løvstrand Svarva, Terje Thun, Felix Walder, Tomasz Ważny, Elise Werthe, Thorsten Westphal, Rob Wilson, Ulf Büntgen
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 2022 vol. 9
Same space, different standards Emily L. Hague, Carol Elizabeth Sparling, Ceri Morris, Duncan Vaughan, Rebecca Walker, Ross M. Culloch, Alastair R. Lyndon, Teresa F. Fernandes, Lauren H. McWhinnie
Frontiers in Marine Science 2022 vol. 9
Self-similar collapse of three vortices in the generalised Euler and quasi-geostrophic equations Jean Noel Reinaud, David Gerard Dritschel, Richard Kirkness Scott
Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena 2022 vol. 434
The Loch Ness monster Charles G. M. Paxton
The Conversation 2022
The combined effects of ocean acidification and copper on the physiological responses of the tropical coral Stylophora pistillata Sarah Cryer, Christian Schlosser, Nicola Allison
Marine Environmental Research 2022 vol. 176
We've discovered why some whales stop feeding in response to the sound of sonar Saana Isojunno, Patrick James Miller
The Conversation 2022
A Lagrangian theory of geostrophic adjustment for zonally-invariant flows on a rotating spherical earth Nathan Paldor, David Gerard Dritschel
Physics of Fluids 2021 vol. 33
A comparison of three methods for estimating call densities of migrating bowhead whales using passive acoustic monitoring Cornelia Sabrina Oedekoven, Tiago A. Marques, Danielle Harris, Len Thomas, Aaron M. Thode, Susanna B. Blackwell, Alexander S. Conrad, Katherine H. Kim
Environmental and Ecological Statistics 2021
A data assimilation approach to last millennium temperature field reconstruction using a limited high-sensitivity proxy network Jonathan M. King, Kevin J. Anchukaitis, Jessica E. Tierney, Gregory J. Hakim, Julien Emile-Geay, Feng Zhu, Rob Wilson
Journal of Climate 2021 vol. 34 pp. 7091-7111
A preliminary study into the use of tree-ring and foliar geochemistry as bio-indicators for vehicular NOx pollution in Malta Duncan V. Mifsud, Eva Elisabeth Stueeken, Rob Wilson
Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies 2021 vol. 57 pp. 301-315
A remote sensing approach to understanding patterns of secondary succession in tropical forest Eric Chraibi, Sandra Luque, Amy Elizabeth Deacon, Anne Magurran, Jean-Baptiste Féret
Remote Sensing 2021 vol. 13
A review of the UK and British Channel Islands practical tidal stream energy resource Daniel Coles, Athanasios Angeloudis, Deborah Greaves, Gordon Drummond Hastie, Matt Lewis, Lucas Mackie, James McNaughton, Jon Miles, Simon Neill, Matthew Piggott, Denise Risch, Beth Scott, Carol Elizabeth Sparling, Tim Stallard, Philipp Thies, Stuart Walker, David White, Richard Wilden, Benjamin Williamson
Proceedings of the Royal Society A - Mathematical, Physical & Engineering Sciences 2021 vol. 477
A review of the toxicology of oil in vertebrates Ryan Takeshita, Steven J Bursian, Kathleen M Colegrove, Tracy K Collier, Kristina Deak, Karen M Dean, Sylvain De Guise, Lisa M DiPinto, Cornelis J Elferink, Andrew J Esbaugh, Robert J Griffitt, Martin Grosell, Kendal E Harr, John P Incardona, Richard K Kwok, Joshua Lipton, Carys L Mitchelmore, Jeffrey M Morris, Edward S Peters, Aaron P Roberts, Teresa K Rowles, Jennifer A Rusiecki, Lori H Schwacke, Cynthia R Smith, Dana L Wetzel, Michael H Ziccardi, Ailsa Jane Hall
Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health. Part B, Critical Reviews 2021 vol. 24 pp. 355-394
A small step or a giant leap Mark Andrew James, William G Sanderson
PLoS ONE 2021 vol. 16
A standardisation framework for bio-logging data to advance ecological research and conservation Ana M.M. Sequeira, Malcolm O’Toole, Theresa R. Keates, Laura H. McDonnell, Camrin D. Braun, Xavier Hoenner, Fabrice R.A. Jaine, Ian D. Jonsen, Peggy Newman, Jonathan Pye, Steven J. Bograd, Graeme C. Hays, Elliott L Hazen, Melinda Holland, Vardis Tsontos, Clint Blight, Francesca Cagnacci, Sarah C. Davidson, Holger Dettki, Carlos M. Duarte, Daniel C. Dunn, Victor M. Eguíluz, Mike Fedak, Adrian C. Gleiss, Neil Hammerschlag, Mark A. Hindell, Kim Holland, Ivica Janekovic, Megan K. McKinzie, Mônica M.C. Muelbert, Chari Pattiaratchi, Christian Rutz, David W. Sims, Samantha E. Simmons, Brendal Townsend, Frederick Whoriskey, Bill Woodward, Daniel P. Costa, Michelle R. Heupel, Clive R. McMahon, Rob Harcourt, Michael Weise
Methods in Ecology and Evolution 2021 vol. 12 pp. 996-1007
A system for monitoring acoustics to supplement an animal welfare plan for Bottlenose dolphins Michael Oswald, Samantha Tufano, Mark Baird, Jason Mulsow, Sam H. Ridgway
Journal of Zoological and Botanical Gardens 2021 vol. 2 pp. 222-233
Abundance estimates of three cetacean species in the coastal waters of Matang Perak, Peninsular Malaysia Sui Hyang Kuit, Louisa Shobhini Ponnampalam, Philip Steven Hammond, Ving Ching Chong, Amy Yee-Hui Then
Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems 2021 vol. 31 pp. 3120-3132
Aerial photogrammetry and tag-derived tissue density reveal patterns of lipid-store body condition of humpback whales on their feeding grounds Kagari Aoki, Saana Isojunno, Charlotte Bellot, takahashi Iwata, Joanna Louise Kershaw, Yu Akiyama, Lucía Martina Martín López, Christian Ramp, Martin Biuw, Paul Wensveen, Patrick Pomeroy, Tomoko Narazaki, Ailsa Jane Hall, Katsufumi Sato, Patrick James Miller
Proceedings of the Royal Society of London Series B: Biological Sciences 2021 vol. 288
AgentSeal Magda Ewa Chudzinska, Jacob Nabe-Nielsen, Sophie Caroline Smout, Sophie Brasseur, Isla Graham, Paul Thompson, Bernie J McConnell
Ecological Modelling 2021 vol. 440
Allometric relationships to assess ontogenetic adaptative changes in three NE Atlantic commercial sea cucumbers (Echinodermata, Holothuroidea) F. Azevedo e Silva, A.C. Brito, T. Simões, A. Pombo, Tiago A. Marques, C. Rocha, J. Sousa, E. Venâncio, P.M. Félix
Aquatic Ecology 2021 vol. 55 pp. 711-720
Alternative method for assessment of southwestern Atlantic humpback whale population status Guilherme A. Bortolotto de Oliveira, Len Thomas, Philip Steven Hammond, Alexandre Zerbini
PLoS ONE 2021 vol. 16
An external telemetry system for recording resting heart rate variability and heart rate in free-ranging large wild mammals Sean D. Twiss, Naomi Brannan, Courtney R. Shuert, Amanda M. Bishop, Patrick Pomeroy, Simon Moss
PLoS ONE 2021 vol. 16
Animal Borne Ocean Sensors – AniBOS – an essential component of the Global Ocean Observing System Clive R. McMahon, Fabien Roquet, Sophie Baudel, Mathieu Belbeoch, Sophie Bestley, Clint Blight, Lars Boehme, Fiona Carse, Daniel P. Costa, Mike Fedak, Christophe Guinet, Robert Harcourt, Emma Heslop, Mark A. Hindell, Xavier Hoenner, Kim Holland, Mellinda Holland, Fabrice R. A. Jaine, Tiphaine Jeanniard du Dot, Ian Jonsen, Theresa R. Keates, Kit M. Kovacs, Sara Labrousse, Philip Lovell, Christian Lydersen, David March, Matthew Mazloff, Megan K. McKinzie, Mônica M. C. Muelbert, Kevin O’Brien, Lachlan Phillips, Esther Portela, Jonathan Pye, Stephen Rintoul, Katsufumi Sato, Ana M. M. Sequeira, Samantha E. Simmons, Vardis M. Tsontos, Victor Turpin, Esmee van Wijk, Danny Vo, Mia Wege, Frederick Gilbert Whoriskey, Kenady Wilson, Bill Woodward
Frontiers in Marine Science 2021 vol. 8
Assessing bait use by static gear fishers of the Scottish Inshore fisheries Felicity Spoors, Tania Mendo, Nicola Yasmin Khan, Mark Andrew James
Fisheries Research 2021 vol. 240
Assessing pinniped bycatch mortality with uncertainty in abundance and post-release mortality A. E. Punt, Maritza Sepúlveda, Margaret Siple, Jeff Rey Moore, Tessa B. Francis, Philip Steven Hammond, Dennis Heinemann, Kristy J. Long, Doris Oliva, Randall R. Reeves, Guðjón Már Sigurðsson, G. A. Víkingsson, Paul R. Wade, Rob Williams, Alexandre N. Zerbini
Fisheries Research 2021 vol. 235
Assessing population-level effects of anthropogenic disturbance on a marine mammal population Rebecca A Dunlop, Janelle Braithwaite, Lars O Mortensen, Catriona M Harris
Frontiers in Marine Science 2021 vol. 8
Assessing the role of sampling uncertainty when predicting behavioral responses of tagged cetaceans exposed to naval sonar Phil Bouchet, Catriona M Harris, Len Thomas
Frontiers in Marine Science 2021 vol. 8
Assessment of carbon capture and storage in natural systems within the English North Sea (Including within Marine Protected Areas) Michael Burrows, Pippa Moore, Heather Sugden, Clare Fitzsimmons, Craig Smeaton, William Austin, Ruth Parker, Silke Kröger , Claire Powell, Lynsey Gregory, William Procter, Tom Brook
Assessment of pest control services by vertebrates in Nigerian subsistence maize farms Murna Tela, Will Cresswell, Hazel Chapman
Conservation and Society 2021 vol. 19 pp. 218-224
Author Correction Yu Shiu, Marie A. Roch, Erica Fleishman, Xiaobai Liu, Eva Marie Nosal, Tyler A. Helble, Danielle Cholewiak, Douglas Michael Gillespie, Holger Klinck
Scientific Reports 2021 vol. 11
Balance in non-hydrostatic rotating shallow-water flows M.R. Jalali, David Gerard Dritschel
Physics of Fluids 2021 vol. 33
Bayesian Network Analysis reveals resilience of the jellyfish Aurelia aurita to an Irish Sea regime shift Emily G. Mitchell, Margaret Isabel Wallace, V Anne Smith, Amanda A. Wiesenthal, Andrew Stuart Brierley
Scientific Reports 2021 vol. 11
Behavioural reactions of harbour porpoises (Phocoena phocoena) to startle-eliciting stimuli Helen Mairi Hiley, Vincent Janik, Thomas Goetz
Marine Ecology Progress Series 2021 vol. 672 pp. 223-241
Best practices for assessing and managing bycatch of marine mammals Paul R. Wade, Kristy J. Long, Tessa B. Francis, André E. Punt, Philip Steven Hammond, Dennis Heinemann, Jeffrey E. Moore, Randall R. Reeves, Maritza Sepúlveda, Genoa Sullaway, Guðjón Már Sigurðsson, Margaret C. Siple, Gísli A. Víkingsson, Rob Williams, Alexandre N. Zerbini
Frontiers in Marine Science 2021 vol. 8
Biomarkers in ringed seals reveal recent onset of borealization in the high- compared to the mid-latitude Canadian Arctic Camille de la Vega, Claire Mahaffey, David J. Yurkowski, Louisa Norman, Elysia Simpson, Sophie Caroline Smout, Steven H. Ferguson, Rachel M. Jeffreys
Frontiers in Marine Science 2021 vol. 8
Biphasic growth modelling in elasmobranchs based on asymmetric and heavy-tailed errors J.E. Contreras-Reyes, R. Wiff, J. Soto, Carl Robert Donovan, M. Araya
Environmental Biology of Fishes 2021 vol. 104 pp. 615–628
Blue carbon stock in Scottish saltmarsh soils William Austin, Craig Smeaton, Simone Riegel, Lucy Miller
COVID-19 Luzia Gonçalves, Maria Antónia Amaral Turkman, Carlos Geraldes, Tiago A. Marques, Lisete Sousa
Journal of Epidemiology and Global Health 2021 vol. 11 pp. 146 - 149
Carbon burial in the mid-latitude fjords of Scotland Craig Smeaton, Handong Yang, William Austin
Marine Geology 2021 vol. 441
Changes in the movement and calling behavior of minke whales (Balaenoptera acutorostrata) in response to navy training Ian Noel Durbach, Catriona M Harris, Cameron Martin, Tyler A. Helble, E. Elizabeth Henderson, Glenn Ierley, Len Thomas, Stephen W. Martin
Frontiers in Marine Science 2021 vol. 8
Classifying oceanographic structures in the Amundsen Sea, Antarctica Lars Boehme, Isabella Rosso
Geophysical Research Letters 2021 vol. 48
Climate change complicates efforts to ensure survival and recovery of St. Lawrence Estuary beluga Rob Williams, Robert C. Lacy, Erin Ashe, Ailsa Jane Hall, Stéphane Plourde, Ian H. McQuinn, Véronique Lesage
Marine Pollution Bulletin 2021 vol. 173
Communities on a threshold Rehema White
Sustainability 2021 vol. 13
Compound specific isotope analyses of harp seal teeth Joanna Louise Kershaw, Camille de la Vega, Rachel Jeffreys, AnneKristine Frie, Tore Haug, Claire Mahaffey, Colin Mettam, Garry Stenson, Sophie Caroline Smout
Marine Ecology Progress Series 2021 vol. 678 pp. 211-225
Context-dependent use of visual cues in the shell selection behaviour of the hermit crab Pagurus bernhardus Christopher David Todd, David Michael Shuker
Behavioural Processes 2021 vol. 188
Contrasting trends in biodiversity of birds and trees during succession following cacao agroforest abandonment Amy Elizabeth Deacon, Dan Jaggernauth, Anne Magurran
Journal of Applied Ecology 2021 vol. 58 pp. 1248-1260
Cooperative coinfection dynamics on clustered networks P. Mann, V Anne Smith, John B. O. Mitchell, Simon Andrew Dobson
Physical Review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and soft matter physics 2021 vol. 103
DNA sonification for public engagement in bioinformatics Heleen Plaisier, Thomas Robert Meagher, Daniel Barker
BMC Research Notes 2021 vol. 14
Deep-diving beaked whales dive together but forage apart Jesús Alcázar-Treviño, Mark Johnson, Patricia Arranz, Victoria E. Warren, Carlos J. Pérez-González, Tiago A. Marques, Peter T. Madsen, Natacha Aguilar de Soto
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 2021 vol. 288
Disentangling natural and anthropogenic forms of mortality and serious injury in a poorly studied pelagic dolphin Erin Ashe, Rob Williams, Alexandra Morton, Philip Steven Hammond
Frontiers in Marine Science 2021 vol. 8
Distribution and abundance of sei whales off the west coast of the Falkland Islands Caroline R. Weir, Maria Taylor, Pamela A. Q. Jelbes, Andrew Stanworth, Philip Steven Hammond
Marine Mammal Science 2021 vol. 37 pp. 919-933
Dolphin population specialized in foraging with artisanal fishers requires zero-bycatch management to persist Carolina Bezamat, Philip Steven Hammond, Pedro V. Castilho, Paulo C. Simões-Lopes, Fábio G. Daura-Jorge
Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems 2021 vol. 31 pp. 3133-3145
Dolphin whistles can be useful tools in identifying units of conservation Elena B. Papale, Marta A. Azzolin, Irma Cascão, Alexandre Gannier, Marc O. Lammers, Vidal M. Martin, Julie Nicola Oswald, Monica Perez-Gil, Rui Prieto, Mónica A. Silva, Marco Torri, Cristina Giacoma
BMC Zoology 2021 vol. 6
Driven mad by the sea serpent Charles G. M. Paxton
Mariner's Mirror 2021 vol. 107 pp. 308-323


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