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2018 (2)
Royal Society Open Science
Differential gene expression is not required for facultative sex allocation
Nicola Cook, J. Green, U. Trivedi, E. Tauber, B.A. Pannebakker, Michael Gordon Ritchie, David Michael Shuker 
Keywords: Sex allocation, Behavioural genetics, Transcriptomics, Parasitoid, Local mate competition, Nasonia
2018 (13/1)
Behavioral Ecology
vol.29 pp.253-263
2016 (5)
Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata
vol.159 pp.230-242
2015 (10)
American Naturalist
vol.186 pp.513-518
2015 (1/12)
G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics
vol.5 pp.2885-2892
Oviposition but not sex allocation is associated with transcriptomic changes in females of the parasitoid wasp Nasonia vitripennis
Nicola Cook, Urmi Trivedi, Bart A. Pannebakker, Mark Blaxter, Michael Gordon Ritchie, Eran Tauber, Tanya Sneddon, David Michael Shuker 
Keywords: Sex allocation, Transcriptomics, Behaviour, Gene expression, Local mate competition
2015 (5)
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences
Sex allocation theory reveals a hidden cost of neonicotinoid exposure in a parasitoid wasp
Penelope R. Whitehorn, Nicola Cook, Charlotte V. Blackburn, Sophie M. Gill, Jade Green, David Michael Shuker 
Keywords: Systemic insecticide, Beneficial insects, Sex ratio
2014 (1/12)
Current Biology
vol.24 pp.R1135-R1137
David Michael Shuker, Nicola Cook 
Keywords: Allocation
2011 (13/12)
BMC Evolutionary Biology
vol.11 pp.-
Inbreeding and selection on sex ratio in the bark beetle Xylosandrus germanus
Laurent Keller, Katharina Peer, Christian Bernasconi, Michael Taborsky, David Michael Shuker 


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